Hair Hacks

Hair Hacks

Hey Glam Fam... Glam Girl Karli here! The last year has really kicked our butts (sigh), but glam girls everywhere are emerging with a fresh attitude and saying: “I’M DOING ME!!”- - I’m so excited to share this renewed spirit with you guys. To me, it means refocusing on some of those really important things we may have forgotten like practicing Self Care. When you start taking better care of yourself (and your hair!), you start looking and feeling better almost instantly. It all starts with YOU! So...let’s get started together with some of my favorite Hair Hacks for extensions and natural hair. Healthy, shiny, happy hair is your ticket to recovery!

Hydrated, moisturized hair is the key to beautiful, silky, ‘celebrity’ hair. Just like our skincare routine, we should have a hair routine as well. Hair is actually an extension of our skin - it’s made up of a lot of the same properties. That’s why it's super important to nourish it with our First Class Mask and our 24/7 Glam Leave-In Spray. These two must-haves will leave your hair looking and feeling AMAZING, giving it all the nutrients it needs in just a few simple steps. They’re also made with worry-free, natural ingredients (think Green Tea Extract & Argan Oil)—no nasty chemicals or damaging ingredients, ever.

Who would have thought by doing one GOOD thing you could prevent two BAD things?? I have the inside scoop on how to do just that, so listen up! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase not only prevents hair damage, but it also prevents you from getting face wrinkles - you could say it’s a two for none! The soft silk in your pillowcase keeps your delicate facial skin from getting creased (versus a more coarse fabric). And, the same thing applies to your hair. A silk pillowcase prevents it from getting tangled and matted (which can lead to breakage) by protecting the hair cuticle. How’s that for something that takes just a tiny bit of effort in exchange for huge results? Here’s the one I use, love, and recommend:  the Glamorous Dreams Silk Pillowcase!

Here’s an old school (I’m talkin’ 1970’s) tv show reference for you: ‘The Brady Bunch’. If you don’t know it, stream it - it’s hilarious! of its characters, Marsha Brady, was always brushing her hair in front of a mirror, including 100x before she went to bed. Her brothers and sisters would tease her about her obsessiveness but turns out, she was wise beyond her years--go Marsha!! Brushing your hair often is a brilliant and effective way to distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair. Doing this results in shiny, healthy, luxurious looking hair that’s tangle-free. When brushing extensions, just be sure to do it gently (starting from the bottom) and avoid brushing over bonds, tape, etc. I personally love the 24K Perfect Styling Brush. It’s an amazing brush with a combo of boar and nylon bristles that glide through hair effortlessly, leaving it super soft and manageable.

Ok, so the title may be a little dramatic but seriously, some tangles can make you feel like crying! Sleeping with your hair in a loose, low braid or ponytail can save you from the frustration of tangles in the morning. And the less time you spend on detangling means more time to spend on your ‘’I’M DOING ME!!” mantra--Yaaay!
As you can see (or, err, read), we’ve come full circle. I hope you loved reading about my favorite Hair Hacks. I’m the kind of glam girl who loves little changes that produce big results and I hope you do, too! Check out more of our story and amazing products online at
As always...Be Kind, Be Glam, Be You.

♥ Karli  
Professional Glam Stylist

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