Liquid Hair is Going Viral (& We’re Obsessed)

liquid hair trend with Chris Appleton

Step aside wavy textured summer hair, say ‘hello’ to the new liquid hair trend. Our favorite celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa are rocking this sleek, sexy look- so why shouldn’t you? Serve some serious looks this season. 



The Glass Hair trend made its rounds a few years ago- In 2022, we still crave a luxuriously long straight, shiny and sleek look.  The Liquid Hair trend is similar but what exactly is the difference? We spoke to Glam Seamless Creative Director and celebrity hairstylist David Lopez, about the newest trend...


liquid hair

Get the silky Glass Hair look at home or in a salon. This style can be achieved from the comfort of your own home! Transform your hair instantly at home- Here’s how:

liquid hair trend
    1. Protect your Investment- Comb through clean, damp hair with leave-in spray to detangle and protect your hair from any heat damage- this look loves a flat iron!
    2. Prep your Locks- Work the Smoothing Serum into your hair section by section, mimicking a keratin treatment at home by blow drying and then flat ironing.
    3. David’s Pick! Pamper your Tresses- “Use extensions for more movement and volume… Take your flat iron and slightly bend the ends under for that perfect liquid hair look.” 
    4. Perfect your Silkiness- Use a styling brush with boar bristles for the final touch— This will make your hair soft and manageable (remember to touch up and brush at least twice a day).


This look is bomb on anyone but it looks best for our ladies with that *thicc* thick hair. For those with finer hair David recommends ​”incorporating extensions that will allow you to wear that sleek, straight shiny style with body without it appearing stringy or too thin.” Shop David’s favorites here. For his celebrity clients, he uses Invisi Clip-Ins and Invisi Tape-Ins for ultra luscious yet discreet red carpet looks.

Chris Appleton liquid hair

You’re always welcome to contact us or slide through our Insta DM’s if you have any questions. Our Glam Concierge team is here to always help you with a color match, styling tips or even to help you figure out which extensions will compliment your hair type, lifestyle, and even your hair goals.


Let us know if you’ll be trying a trendy look this season! We’d love to feature you on social- Be sure to tag us on IG! We’d love to see!

David Lopez liquid hair

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