About Us


Tired of investing time and money into extensions to only be left with dry, dull extensions that have thinned out due to excessive shedding or color fading, leading you to throw away your investment? Our founder Alexandra Cristin was too, which is why she created Glam Seamless -a premium quality hair extension brand that provides high quality hair for every budget. Our hair is made for professional hairstylists and hair extension lovers everywhere because our salon-quality extensions come in over 100 colors, multiple lengths, textures, and curl patterns.

GLAM Quality

As one of the top hair extension brands, each of our Glam Seamless extension collections are made with double drawn, 100% high-quality Remy human hair that lasts up to a year. We offer the thickest hair, shed-proof technology, and damage-free extensions for stellar transformations on most hair types. We offer same-day shipping, worldwide to all, no accounts or sign-ups needed—just you and seamless hair extensions!


We don’t believe in exclusivity. We want to empower all people and budgets worldwide to look and feel more confident with their looks through what we think will be your ultimate accessory—premium-quality hair extensions! Our passion goes beyond just the hair and out to our salon professionals and their businesses. That’s why we’re here to help you build your salon businesses through multiple partnership tiers and educational platforms for salons of all sizes and revenues.


We go beyond our commitment to you and the environment because all of our hair is hand-selected and ethically sourced. Our medical-grade adhesives are made in the US from clean materials that don’t damage your natural hair or the hair or your extensions.

We stand firmly behind our products. All of our extensions are thoroughly salon and client-tested. Each collection goes through rigorous quality assurance through our strong research and development teams to ensure the highest quality standards for long-lasting extensions.


In 2012, it wasn’t easy to find salon-quality hair extensions at a reasonable price, especially online. Even professional hairstylists had a hard time providing hair extensions to their clients because of how inconvenient they were to buy and how costly it was to supply the best quality hair at an affordable rate. So we introduced tape-in extensions, and they sold out in the first few weeks of them being online!

As we grew, so did our educational platform and partnership programs for Glam Seamless salons and stylists worldwide. In 2018, we founded Glam Girls, a non-profit mentorship program that provides high school girls in low-income areas scholarships, and a roadmap to success to help them discover their inner strength and beauty.

Today, Glam Seamless has grown into 15 different hair extension collections for pros and extension wearers alike. Our extensions are feeling all of the love because they’re used by top celebrity hair extension stylists like Chris Appleton, Priscilla Valles, and David Lopez and frequently mentioned in media outlets like Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Today Show, and more.

We are continually tapping into innovations in the market, on top of introducing the latest trends and consistently improving upon tried-and-true hair extension products. Glam Seamless is here to bring the best to our clients and yours, and after eight years, we’re just getting started!

CEO and Founder of
Glam Seamless

Eight years ago, plus-size model and television personality Alexandra Cristin knew that there was a need for high-quality hair extensions at affordable prices. “As a model since the age of 18, I was no stranger to hair extensions,” explains the entrepreneur. “But getting them outside of my photoshoots or even with my stylist was a challenge.”

In 2012, for stylists, buying and keeping extensions on-hand for their clients wasn’t easy. “Every stylist I talked to had struggled with having a hair extension supply for their clients. They had to go out and buy the right hair type and color, which meant purchasing multiple bundles to create the perfect blend. In some cities, stylists had to locate a sales rep, order by phone, and wait three or four days even to buy their hair.” This meant more time and costs added to the installation service itself, making it a time-consuming process for stylists and expensive for their clients. For some pros, it wasn’t even worth it to provide extension services.

Alexandra was getting her hair done in an NYC salon, and the woman next to her was getting tape-in extensions. “I was blown away at how natural and well, seamless they looked, but when they told me the cost, I couldn’t justify it. And I was making decent money at that time!” Cristin scoured the internet to try and get tape-ins online with no success. “It was right then and there that I decided that I was going to be the one to put tape-ins online and make them affordable. I knew I could figure out a way to offer the confidence of great hair to people of all price points, and that’s how Glam Seamless was born!”

When their hair sold out within weeks, Alexandra never looked back. “Glam Seamless started as a way to build up the confidence of people in their daily lives, build up the businesses of salon professionals and now to build up young women through Glam Girls, my non-profit mentorship program. From the beginning, I wanted to be different, and I feel like Glam Seamless keeps evolving and that there is no limit to the impact we can continue to make through it!”

Glam seamless professionals

Glam Seamless is the go-to hair extension brand for salon professionals and their clients. With the Glam Seamless partnership program, our hair extensions aren’t just online, but used and sold by stylists all over the world. Our pros are a big reason as to why we do what we do. We want our pros to know that if they were choosing Glam Seamless to grow their business, we are circulating their success right back to them.

Through our continuously expanding educational platforms and the way we support our stylists, no matter where they’re at in their careers, there is no telling how successful they can be. The Glam Seamless partnership and educational programs have allowed our stylists and salons to watch their revenues skyrocket to over six figures within a year, and we can’t wait to do the same for you!


The Glam Seamless Flagship Store and Hair Extension Bar (we just call it The Glam Room) was opened in 2017 and NYC’s first-ever hair extension bar. The Glam Room became profitable within the first 18 months of opening because we offer the same high-quality hair and customer service you can find at GlamSeamless.com. The difference is that at the salon, you’ll find expert hairstylists and extension experts to give you the best in ready-to-wear and semi-permanent hair extension applications, hair extension removal and restoration, haircuts, event hair styling (with or without extensions), and show-stopping blowouts. We also offer free consultations so that you can see which Glam Seamless hair extension is right for you!

The Glam Room is also a hair extension haven for salon professionals! We love our pros and offer special services and discounts that include educational classes and Glam Seamless launches and events. You can even rent out the Glam Room to hold classes and events of your own!