Hair Extensions For Weddings

hair extensions for weddings

Many brides desire to look really beautiful and glamorous on their wedding day and they pull out all beauty tricks to achieve their perfect look. Many brides prefer hair extensions for their wedding to give them more hair styling options for the big day. Hair extensions for weddings are a must have if you are looking for a totally glamorous look. When it comes to hair extensions for weddings there are many choices that brides have to choose from. Overall there are 4 main types of hair extensions brides can choose from: clip in, sew in, tape in, and micro/fusion extensions. However, there is one hair extension method that beats all of the hair extensions on the market for bridal hairstyling…

Brides have a lot to do for their big day, the last thing they should have to worry about is their hair extensions. Most brides just rely on their hairstylists to add in a few clip in hair extensions for length and volume. But brides should have the option of carrying that beauty into their honeymoon vacations too. Truth is, clip in hair extensions are not the best option for brides because there is a better option out there for brides who are looking to have a glamorous look. 

Tape in hair extensions are hands down the best choice for brides looking for hair extensions for the big day. Tape in hair extensions are the best choice because they are more discreet compared to clip extensions and they can be worn for 2-3 months. Once applied, tape in hair extensions are long lasting and are lightweight-you forget you're wearing them. With tape in hair extensions you will have hair extensions for your bachelorette party, your rehearsal dinner, and your honeymoon! These extensions will last you and entire three months and will provide you with full, gorgeous hair during the most important time of your life.  (Discount below for brides)

As a bride once you have your tape in hair extensions done, you will forget all about them. You will have so many styling options with these hair extensions. You will be able to wear hair in an updo or in any gorgeous style you prefer. Comparing tape ins to clip in hair extensions, clips are very bulky and are limited with the styling options. With tape in hair extensions you will be able to wear the most gorgeous updo’s and have more hair for the style. Clip in hair extensions are more work for your big day and its better to already have hair extensions installed that you are used to wearing and working with. 

Another added benefit to tape in hair extensions for your wedding is that you can swim with tape in hair extensions and wash and style your hair as normal. A lot of brides choose tape in extensions for their wedding for this reason. Right after the wedding they go to their honeymoon and they don't have to worry about clipping their hair in and out while going to the beach. The tape in extensions are waterproof and will last 8-12 weeks. 

What you need to know before getting tape in extensions? Be sure to have a hair stylist that is CERTIFIED in tape in hair extensions! This is very important that your hairstylist knows what they're doing that way your hair extensions do not slip out. Even if you're hairstylist works in a salon, if they Google “how to apply tape in hair extensions” this is NOT sufficient training for tape ins. If you're stylist has never heard of tape in extensions tell them about online tape in extension training and certification or find a hair extension specialist who is certified witha  reputable brand. Having the tape in extensions applied correctly is the first key to having a good experience with them. Second, use the right hair care products to ensure long lasting application. Third, make sure that you have your extensions applied about 3-4 weeks before your wedding that way you're used to wearing them but the hair is still pretty, fresh, and easy to style. 

When it comes to tape in extensions for your wedding you will want to purchase high quality remy human hair so the hair can be curled, styled, and washed over and over. The last thing you want to do is buy cheap hair extensions and they're frizzing up on your wedding day! Be sure to get high quality hair that you can work with. Also, be sure to get a strong tape that will hold, but will NOT rip out your hair. A good quality tape extension extension will have premium remy human hair and medical grade adhesive thats strong but non-damaging. If you have a hairstylist that knows how to apply tape extensions and you have a great set of tape in hair extensions you will have gorgeous hair for your wedding experience even through the honeymoon! Added benefit? The hubby wont feel them, your guests wont know you're wearing them, and they are reusable for when you want a gorgeous full head of hair again!

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