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Beauty Guru Cody Wren did a Glam Seamless Clip In Hair Extension Review. We love this beauty. We love our tape in extensions, but when you want a break from tape in extensions we have beautiful clip in hair extensions for an amazing price. We are launching a new clip in line in 1 month and we also do custom clip ins now. Our clip in extensions are amazing and she wanted to share that with her fans. Original post on Cody's website here ! 
OCT 20 2014


I posted this picture on my Instagram saying something exciting was happening and I could not wait to share what it was. I GOT EXTENSIONS! As a lady will already pretty long hair I never thought I would be interested in extensions, but boy was I wrong. I am pretty sure it was LOVE at first sight or LOVE at first extension.

These Glam Seamless extensions are by far the nicest extensions I have ever come across and am so thankful that I can share them with you. Glam Seamless is known for their tape in extensions, which is a semi-permanent hair extension process that is taking the extension world by storm. These tape in extensions can be applied in under an hour by a salon professional and can be reused multiple times. You get a good three or four months out of your extensions before you have to go back and get them moved up as your hair grows out.

I initially had my heart set on a pair on tape ins, but quickly realized that no one was certified to install them in my surrounding area. I then started looking at the clip ins and I could not be happier with my decision. I chose this specific pairand I am over the moon excited for how amazing these look in my hair.

These clip in extensions wear like a dream and make me look like I was blessed with flawless hollywood hair. I went with the 22" which provides me an additional 2" to my already long hair. I LIVE for the volume these give me and I cannot wait to wear them in a variety of ways. These extensions are 100% Premium Remy Human Hair and it is Double Drawn meaning it is the same thickness from top to bottom -- signs of TOP quality hair extensions.

I have filmed a FULL REVIEW of these extensions and as you will see from my enthusiasm I ADORE my new hair and highly recommend Glam Seamless to anyone looking for semi-permanent or clip in extensions.
Have you worn extensions before? Would it be something you would like to try? Let me known in the comments; I would love to talk hair with you!
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