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So you are thinking about buying some hair extensions. You've heard good things, you're ready to invest in yourself, but something is holding you back. You're not sure who to buy from. You've had terrible hair extension experiences and you're not sure if this will work. You may have bought hair extensions from other companies only to be disappointed after a few weeks, maybe even after the first wash. You are ready to buy - but you want to know you're getting the best hair possible. You want hair that is amazing, hair that lasts, hair that doesn't get dry and tangle.

I know exactly how you feel.  I started Glam Seamless with the intention of providing the best hair extensions on the market at a fair price. After wearing hair extensions for over 10 years, I was tired of the promises that other companies promised but never delivered. That is when I took a stand for women all around the world who wear hair extensions and created a hair line that has amazing quality and that is long lasting. I also decided that we would keep the prices fair as I noticed so many hair extension companies overcharged. We are talking thousands of dollars for hair extensions-and the quality wasn't even superior. Turned out it was a gimmick.

As a plus size model, I go on castings in NYC and having a great full head of hair is something that I need to look GLAM and get booked. I needed hair extensions that were easy to maintain. Didn't tangle, shed, or slip (how embarrassing that would be on a photo shoot) and I desperately wanted amazing quality hair. After building a team of trusted hair professionals to help me create Glam Seamless, I launched Glam Seamless Extensions. Since launching we have helped thousands of women transform their look. The women who come to us want fuller hair, they want a solution for thinning hair, they want luxurious hair extensions. Today, Glam Seamless is proud of all the women we have helped. We thank the thousands of women that have grown with us. Once in a blue moon every business may have one bad review. You know every business has its share of "crazies" and you know who I am talking about. The ones that never gave your product a chance and decide that because they are having a bad day they want to hurt others too. The ones that complain and say their hair is slipping (because they're using conditioner on the roots), the one that couldn't get her way. But when we get good reviews it melts our heart. We have since collected hundreds of reviews and we are so happy so many of you are loving the hair. One special customer decided to write us here at Glam Seamless and it is worth sharing. This customer is a hair extension queen and like you has tried everything. You can read her review below - we blocked out her email address as a courtesy. Yet we were so touched to get this review as we are only here to help women look and feel better! We specialize in tape in hair extensions because that is my favorite type! Each one of our tape wefts has more hair per weft so you don't have to have so many pieces in your head. The tape we have is sticky yet it doesn't leave any residue or damage the hair. The clip in extensions are loved because they are thick and healthy and our pure remy hair is most loved. 

I personally designed all of the hair extension collections and have worn them ALL myself. Our clip in hair extensions are soft and thick, our tape extensions (which is only what I wear now) are amazing - the hair lasts and the tape does not slip at all and its 100% reusable. Nor does it leave any residue. We love when women call us and say they have worn our regular seamless collection for 11 months! That is how we designed it! We are FOR our customers. Other brands didn't offer quality hair or the prices were overpriced, so I created this hair extension line for you - the Glam Girl who wants amazing hair and she doesn't want anyone to know she's wearing hair extensions. I recently tried our latest Glam Strands which adds chemical free highlights which I truly LOVE! If you are allergic to hair dye, you must try Glam Strands micro tape! But I wanted to personally speak to the girl who is not sure. The girl who doesn't want to get burned again by another hair extension company. Glam Seamless is not just a hair extension company. We are a hair company that cares and EVEN wears our hair to ensure quality. If you are thinking of trying our hair, go ahead and give it a try. 

Yes, I personally test all of our hair lines myself by wearing them to make sure we present only high quality hair. I switch between our clip in hair extensions , regular remy seamless tape and extra virgin tape in extensions. In the photo above, I am wearing our 22-24 inch remy seamless! That hair is LONG! Loved it! My high ponytail styles were so much fun to wear and style! 

Here is a personal review from our customer Brittany! We look forward to seeing you become your most GLAMOROUS self!



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