Organic Hair Extensions

Wouldn't it be great if there were a natural hair extension method that is not harmful to our hair or the environment. This is why tape in extensions are your closest choice if you want to have organic hair extensions. We are so drawn to the term organic these days and rightfully so. These days we face many chemicals that effect our world and harm it in many ways. That is why Glam Seamless has set out to create the most natural hair extension method. Our tape is so strong that you do not need any tools, adhesives, or heat to apply. Our tape is made of a high quality medical grade tape that is strong and lasts. All of our packaging is made from recyclable materials. There isn't such a thing of Organic Hair Extensions but if you are looking for the most natural hair extension method, this is it. 

Tape in hair extensions are the best thing out there right now because it is 100% natural, takes 30 minutes to apply, and there is no damage at the time of removal. Unlike other semi permanent hair extensions, you can reuse the hair getting a longer wear out of these extensions. Because there isn't any chemicals used during the hair extension application, your own hair is never compromised. With our online tape in hair extension training, we teach all of our certified stylists how to apply the hair extensions naturally. So many other tape in companies advise using a flat iron on using a sticky adhesive (filled with bad chemicals) and this is because the quality of their tape is not good. Here are Glam Seamless we have created a product that doesn't need any tools or chemicals because we love having all natural hair extensions. 

Furthermore, the process of removing tape in extensions is 100% natural too.  We’ve created an organic remover made of a nourishing blend of oils (organic coconut, avocado and jojoba) to easily remove tape in extensions and nourish your hair at the same time. It works wonders and the hair slides right out. You would be amazed if you knew what other companies use to remove the tape extensions. They use chemicals that are flammable and damaging. We are proud to say that our process is 100% natural and non damaging. 

So if you are someone who cares about the environment, cares about the integrity of your hair, and you want semi organic hair extensions, then tape in extensions are the best way to go.  All of our hair is ethically sourced, when we color the hair we use all natural coloring system, and we’ve made our tape in extensions and tape of the highest quality so you do not have to use any chemicals on your hair. Many organic hair salons chose to use Glam Seamless tape extensions because their clients can have fabulous hair without the damage or chemicals that come with it. If you are on a path to holistic health and beauty, tape in extensions are the way to go.


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