Chemical Free Hair Color

Hair Trend for 2015: Chemical Free Hair Color

Chemical free hair color is trending and women around the world are seeking a better solution to fixing chemically processed hair color. These days with many health problems associated with increased exposure to chemicals, it is always a great when there is a chemical free alternative. There has been a huge increase in organic hair salons, and many beauty gurus are on a mission to reduce their chemical exposure. We all know that reducing our exposure to chemicals is a great idea, and chemical free color is a great invention. So if your goal is to reduce your chemical exposure you are not alone and there are many options to have great chemical free color. Here are some great ways you can have fabulous hair and vibrant color without using any chemicals.

Ombre Hair Extensions

Extensions: Tape in hair extensions are 100% chemical free and they require no tools. Many hair stylists chose to use tape in hair extensions because they are easy to use to add a multidimensional hair color effect, one that doesn't require added time or chemicals. What is different about Glam Seamless hair is that unlike other brands, our tape is specially made to have a strong long lasting hold, so you don't need any added bonding glues or sticky chemicals to make the tape in hair extensions hold. We also use an organic remover that is 100% chemical free and nourishes the hair at the same time. Other brands use harsh chemicals removers which are damaging. Extensions that are chemical free are perfect for those looking to enhance their look without any harmful chemicals. Tape in hair extensions are a great solution to add beautiful color dimension without using any chemicals. When tape in hair extensions are blended using two colors, clients will see a beautiful transformation. Adding two colors will allow clients to have a multidimensional color effect without any added chemical process. Many salons use tape extensions to get beautiful color combinations without over processing the hair and further damaging the clients hair. 

Highlight/Lowlights: If you want highlights but are looking for a chemical free hair color solution tape in extensions are perfect for you. Especially for the crown of your head, micro tape extensions are perfect for getting the exact color you want.  The micro tape extensions are small and strong. Each mini strand adds the perfect pop of color. They blend seamlessly and add perfect highlights without chemicals. Chemical free hair highlights are very trendy in many of the organic hair salons in New York City and around the world. Their secret is to use 2-3 micro hair extension colors to blend and created a natural and beautiful highlighted look. It is perfect for a client who wants a specific highlight color too. With extensions, it is a 100% guaranteed color match, what they see they will get. There is no guess work that is needed to get the perfect color. Clients are also happy with using extensions for highlights because it doesn't damage their hair as highlights normally do. It is also 100% chemical free and it also takes less time. They are happy that they can have beautiful highlights and added hair extensions all within 30 minutes. 

Ombre: The trend of ombre will also continue throughout 2015 and will continue to be requested. Now the trend is to have ombre colors pop at the end by using hair extensions to give a beauty ombre effect. It is easy to achieve the ombre look without having to bleach the ends of hair. All you have to do is start with shorter hair (chin length is perfect) or hair that its color has already grown out. This is especially easy if there is already an ombre look going on or if the roots have grown out. Then chose ombre clip in hair extensions or ombre tape in extensions and have them blended perfectly. Hair stylists should always cut and blend them to make sure the ombre is Ombre Hair Extensionsperfectly added. Many stylists over process and bleach the hair until it is really damaged. This is perfect for those who are allergic to hair color or for those that want to have chemical free hair color.  Clients really want the ombre look, but many them do not want to bleach and damage half of their hair. Now there is a solution for those clients. They can have ombre within 30 minutes or less. What is even better is that they can place a custom hair extension order, to make sure the ends of the hair match perfectly . Adding ombre hair extensions is really easy and you can chose from a variety of oBalayage Hair Extensionsmbre looks to match your desired look. You do not have to bleach hair just to get ombre, there are other chemical free options. This hair stylist Gina Bianca used our ombre hair extensions to create this look ombre look above. Another client chose to create a custom order to create their perfect ombre hair extensions.

Chemical free color hair color trend will continue to soar in 2015. Clients want the keep their hair healthy and they also want to reduce their exposure to chemicals. Even as a hair stylist, it is also important to reduce your exposure to chemicals too. We all could benefit from reducing chemicals. But that doesn't mean we cannot have fabulous hair. If you have a client that has allergies, cannot use harsh hair color, or wants something simple-adding these chemical free options are a great way to go. Tell us, are your clients interested in chemical free color?

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