Ombre Hair Extensions: How To Wear Ombre Extensions

We get it, you want the ombre look and you want your ombre extensions now! This blog will help you get the best ombre hair extensions, whether it is ombre tape in or ombre clip in hair extensions. We will teach you how to get the ombre look with hair extensions, how to blend them, and what to look for when buying ombre extensions. Any one can wear ombre extensions and make them look good with these simple tips. Have you ever seen women who’s ombre hair extensions are too light and look fake? In order to prevent that, we are going to tell you how to pull off ombre hair extensions, without anyone realizing you're wearing hair extensions. How to get the ombre look with ombre hair extensions:

Before we begin, we want our customers to know not all ombre extensions are created equal. When it comes to ombre extensions, you have to know what you're getting before you buy. So, before we get you all excited about ombre extensions, we want to show you want to look for before you buy! Again, as you see below, not all ombre extensions are created equal. A lot of hair extension companies mass produce ombre extensions and have many mass production control problems. This results in bad ombre fades and colors, resulting in really bad ombre hair extensions. We want you to know this up front before you search for ombre extensions. Glam Seamless ombre extensions are done is small batches and have a strict quality control process to ensure our extensions are salon quality.

For example, the photo on the left is Glam Seamless ombre hair extensions, the fade is nice and blends beautifully. The one on the left is a major competitors ombre extensions. As you can see, not all ombre extensions are created equal. Read on to see how you can choose the best set of ombre extensions and have great hair. 


Ombre Hair ExtensionsOmbre Hair Extensions


Ombre extensions are a great way to add length and color effects in an instant and anyone can pull them off with a good ombre extension set. The contrast of the dark and light just seem to look really great on many women, which is why so many are still requesting ombre hair at the salon. The ombre trend is one that will stay around for a while and looks good on so many which is why it is in demand. Investing in a set of ombre extensions is a great idea as this ombre trend will be around for a while and you can switch out your regular hair extensions for your ombre extensions any time you feel like switching up your look. Ombre extensions are great for adding a pop of color and are a great accessory to have to transform hair instantly. Ombre hair is where the root is darker and blends into a lighter shade. In the salon, this is done by hand painting (aka Balayage) to create a dark to light effect. However, getting ombre hair in the salon can cost a lot, not to mention the bleach does damage the hair. This is why so many are turning to ombre hair extensions to give them that beautiful blonde dark to blonde ombre look without the use of chemicals or hours in the salon ruining their own hair. Ombre extensions are great for changing your look without needing to damage your hair or keep up with the ombre look every few months. When you have a pair of ombre extensions you will be able to add the color in and out when ever you chose. 

How to Wear Ombre Hair Extensions:

If you have short or medium length hair, you will be able to wear ombre hair extensions without ALREADY having your own hair ombre. (No chemicals required, no money spent on color at the salon). When you have short to medium length hair you are able to wear hair extensions and they will blend effortlessly and will instantly add a pop of color. When purchasing ombre extensions simply match the base color of the extensions to your own hair color and then choose the ombre color you want. Keep in mind, a more natural fade will look most natural, for example the chestnut brown ombre is the most popular as it looks natural and blends well. Lighter ombre will work if you have them cut and blended or you already have ombre hair.  The great benefit for those with short to medium hair lengths is that they are able to change their hair color effortlessly in an instant with ombre extensions.  Also, you do not need to color your own hair and will be able to save your money and hair while still achieving the ombre look. Just be sure to have your ombre extensions cut and blended in the salon for the most natural look. 

If you have longer hair you will need to have your ends ombre already to make sure that the extensions you choose match your current ombre hair. If you have long hair that is one solid color and you attempt to wear ombre hair extensions it will not look natural and most will recognize that you are wearing hair extensions. When purchasing ombre extensions choose a base and ombre color that are very similar to your ombre hair. Keep in mind that you can go 1-3 shades within your ombre colors and it will still blend well. Just be sure to use a color ring or sample to match your own hair. 

Almost any one can wear ombre extensions, but the most important part is making sure they match your hair and that the extensions are cut and blended in the salon. Having hair extensions cut will make them undetectable and will make all the difference. 

Choosing Ombre Extensions: 

Not all ombre hair extensions are created equal, so be sure to know what the hair looks like before you buy. The most important part of choosing ombre hair extensions is to make sure you are purchasing form a company that has a great ombre blend and fade. The fade in the ombre extensions is the most important part of purchasing ombre extensions. A lot of companies have straight lines or don't even blend at all! This is due to mass production manufacturing problems. Here at Glam Seamless, we have a strict quality control for our ombre extensions to ensure each batch has a natural ombre fade, as if the hair stylist just hand painted the extensions themselves. We have tested many ombre extensions and have found that not all hair extension companies are committed to taking the time to oversee the ombre fade! When this happens you end up with low quality hair extensions and wasted your money. Be sure that you purchase a set of ombre extensions that are faded and blended perfectly. Any harsh lines and bad blending will look fake and you will not love your hair extensions. Be sure to buy ombre extensions that look as if a hairstylist did it. 


Glam Seamless Ombre Tape In Extensions

Ombre Hair Extensions

You can almost wear any type of color ombre extension if you do the following: 

  • Purchase high quality ombre hair extensions with a natural fade
  • Make sure the ombre base matches your own base
  • Make sure the contrast isn't too drastic (i.e black to platinum blonde ombre)
  • Make sure you have them cut and blended
  • Make sure the shade is within 2-3 shades of your own

Don’t see ombre extensions that match your hair? Heres what to do:

  • Purchase blonde extensions (the blonde ombre you want)
  • Have your stylist color them for you
  • Have them applied, cut and styled 

Tell us, do you like ombre extensions? Have you had a great experience wearing them?

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