5 Truths About Thin Hair

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Thin hair - sometimes it's genetic - sometimes, it happens after having a baby, weight fluctuation, or simply stress. Add to it that we love to color and treat our hair,  and we have read reports that say COVID-19 also makes you lose your hair (whether you were infected or not-we’re sure that stress got to a lot of us). But this hair does not have to be tragic - there are indeed thin hair solutions


Many girls feel self conscious about their locks if the density is on the finer side, but that shouldn’t be the case! Thin hair is beautiful too, and I am here to help you properly maintain your tresses. 


We are going to break down five facts about thin hair, and why you should be embracing your hair even if it is on the thinner side! 

  1. Having thinner hair doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy! Fine or thin hair will normally feel soft and silky, and who doesn’t want that? As with hair extensions, we would suggest staying away from sulfates when choosing the right volumizing shampoo. Sulfates are known to weaken the hair which would cause the locks to appear thinner. The Fab Four consists of our Cleanse and Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner, Leave-In Spray, and First Class Mask. These products should help keep your hair looking voluminous, healthy and red carpet ready! hair care for thinning hair
  2. You can wash your hair less- no, really! Wash your hair about 2-3 times a week. If you feel your hair is looking greasy we would suggest a dry shampoo such as our Glam Me Up Dry Shampoo.  This beauty will leave your hair looking fresh between washes.
  3. Solutions do exist - Thin hair means you can try just about any of our Semi-Permanent extension collections to add more volume and fullness to your hair! A fan favorite is our Priscilla Valles Keratin Bonds. This collection is one of the highest qualities on the market and known to be comfortable and discreet, blending in with all types of hair. 
  4. It's recommended to sleep with a silk pillowcase! Believe it or not, this will protect your hair at night and can be a game changer for repairing or maintaining your own hair. Satin is less damaging than a regular cotton pillowcase for your hair. It is going to reduce frizz, flyaways and breakage which is amazing for your tresses. Go ahead and check out our Glamorous Dreams Silk Pillowcase, guarantee you’ll be sleeping on a cloud. 
  5. Just as a little reminder, always remember to brush your hair every day. It’s especially important if your hair is thinner as it’s known to tangle easier, which can lead to breakage. We highly recommend our 24K Perfect Styling Brush as it will be gentle on the scalp and won’t apply too much pressure. 

There you have it, beauties! If you have thin hair, you should totally be embracing it. It’s gorgeous, just like you. What will you be adding into your hair care routine? Slide into our Insta DM’s and let us know! 

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