Hair Textures Guide

Hair Textures Guide

Overwhelmed with all of our different hair textures and types?

This guide will explain the differences between the different types of hair Glam Seamless sells and what kind would be the perfect match.

From super straight to a tight curl Glam Seamless has the extensions for you!


Our REMY hair is our best selling hair texture and the most abundant texture we sell! Our REMY hair is sourced in India and when you receive it has been blowdried perfectly straight.

Our Indian sourced hair has a nice happy medium in regards to density. Meaning it can easily blend into multiple hair textures! It’s not very thick, it’s not very thin and it does have a bit of a body wave that is activated once the hair has been washed and allowed to air dry.

*Fun Fact* REMY means that all of the hair cuticles are running in the same direction.

Why does this matter?

Hair is shaped like a pinecone, with scales, if all of the hair is running in the same direction the hair stays smoother for longer. However, when hair is NOT running in the same direction it causes extra friction and breakage and your extensions won’t last as long.

In order to make sure it is all running in the same direction we source our hair in a ponytail and we ensure that all the hair we source has been done so ethically.  

Once the REMY hair gets wet and is allowed to air dry you can see the natural body wave in the strands. This hair can easily be heat styled into any texture you would like.



Our wavy hair is the same Indian sourced hair that has been chemically altered to retain a permanent wave pattern. You can easily blow dry this hair straight on low to medium heat but once it is washed and allowed to air dry it will go back to the wavy pattern you see. As it is real human hair the more heat you expose it to the more likely it will suffer heat damage.

This texture is great for those wonderful ladies who need more body than what the REMY naturally provides.

Tight Curl

Our Brand New tight curl texture!

The curl resembles a 3C curl pattern and it is our REMY hair that has been chemically altered. This hair is best used for girls who love their curly hair and wear their hair curly every day. Unlike the wavy collection, this hair should not be straightened as in order to achieve this texture it has been processed further.

Excessive heat will alter the longevity of the extensions as well as the texture.

Extra Virgin Hair

The Extra Virgin hair is sourced in Mongolia. As such, the hair is much denser and thicker which provides a far more luxurious extension. This hair is genetically thicker and stays straighter as such while it can curl it is more resistant to hold the curl.

Our extra virgin hair is the crème de la crème of all the extensions we sell and is exclusive to the Ultra Seamless Collection and New Wig Collection. 


Still not sure what kind is best for you?

Don't be afraid to drop us a line! Our customer care representatives are here to help they are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST at 888.601.4141. We are available via chat, email and across all social media platforms!

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