Increase Your Revenue with Glam Seamless Extensions

Increase Your Revenue with Glam Seamless Extensions
Tape-In Hair Extensions

 Remember that promise you made to yourself, Glam Gal? New year, new you. Today, let’s chat about increasing your revenue. It's all about the Benjamins, baby. Did you know Glam Seamless is the number one tape-in hair extension supplier in the industry? Step outside your comfort zone and challenge your inner-stylist this summer by adding Glam Seamless extensions to your service list.                            

Belle, Arielle, Jazmine and the rest of the Disney girl gang set the bar high for little Glammies since birth. Cartoon or not, these babes had such pretty flowing hair. It’s no secret they inspired women growing up all over the world to have long and luscious locks, contributing to the hair extension boom of the century. Hair doesn’t define the woman, but good hair definitely helps boost her confidence. 

So, what are the benefits of adding tape-in extensions as a new service to your salon? 

1. Decrease Time 

Installation of hair extensions are such a great way to help transform your client’s overall look. Being a hairstylist means time management skills have to be on point. Therefore, most hairstylists stay away from the dreadful 8 hour installation.. (phew). With tape in hair extensions, the entire process (including style) can be done in less than 2 hours. The best part? You can still handle a full day’s book without being exhausted. 

2. Maximize Profits

Applying for wholesale discounts helps boost your revenue, as well. Stylists receive top-tiered wholesale pricing which can be applied to all Glam Seamless products. The more you spend, the more you save. Cha-Ching!

3. Client Referrals with Glam Seamless 

Glam Seamless is the number one tape-in hair extension supplier in the industry. When our non-professionals are purchasing from us they want to be referred to someone that we trust. Getting certified with Glam Seamless is another way to boost revenue. Who doesn’t love client referrals? Client referrals means more business, and more business means more money in your pocket. We even list you on our directory, so basically, you’re famous. 

4. Re-Book Opportunities 

With proper care and installation, Glam Seamless tape-in extensions can be worn anywhere from 8-12 weeks. The process doesn’t end there. At the end of that period, clients will need to come back to the salon to get their tape in extensions removed. With offering tape-in extensions as a service, you are securing a second appointment to bring that client back into your chair (We like to call this your second date). During the second appointment you can continue to build the stylist/client relationship circle of trust. Take this second opportunity as a time to introduce your client to a style they may have not considered before they met you. Our clients love your opinion, Stylists. With Glam Seamless by your side, you can turn that second date into a lifetime of appointments.

5. Cheap hair looks … Cheap. 

Glam Seamless provides luxurious 100% Remy human hair, double drawn and the cuticle intact. If you cheapen out on the products you offer to your clients, you can say goodbye to them coming back to you for more. Educate your clients on the high quality product that they are receiving. Don’t forget to mention that our medical grade, latex free and hypoallergenic tape adhesive is completely non-damaging. Glam Seamless can help you keep those clients, and help increase profits with our high-end tape-in hair extensions.

Go ahead and be a goal digger, Glam Gal. Everything you have been doing this year has been to improve your future. Keep believing in your inner Beyonce, and boost your revenue in 2017 by adding Glam Seamless tape-in extensions to your service list. We respect your ambition and hustle. 


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