Meet the Tape In Hair Extension Guru - Breanna

Meet the Tape In Hair Extension Guru - Breanna

Meet our latest Tape In Hair Extension Guru - Breanna - Stylist Representative here at Glam Seamless that has used tape in hair extensions since they came out! When Breanna applied for a position here, we knew she would be the perfect fit! She has worn extensions for over 10 years and her favorite type of extensions are none other than tape in hair extensions of course!  Breanna is a true glam girl, her nails are perfect, her lashes are gorgeous, and her hair is long and beautiful (with the help of tape in hair extensions)! She knows beauty and is a hair extension guru! She has worn every brand of tape in hair extensions, and she loves ours - she is currently wearing the 2/4/23 ombre now!  We asked her to write a piece on why she loves tape extensions and her feedback on wearing them.

tape in ombre hair extensions                                                                                                                     When I look back over the last ten years it is crazy to think that I’ve been wearing hair extensions since the age of 14. For years I’ve always struggled with very thin hair and the fact that I change my hair color like the seasons doesn’t help with the fact that my hair grows so slowly. Throughout those ten years I’ve tried it all. Sewn in micro weft, bonding, tape tracks, two-inch tape-ins you name it. Not to mention the amount of brands I have gone through. Becoming a part of the Glam Seamless family and getting into my new head of hair has been a life changing experience for me. For someone who struggles with short thinning hair, Glam Seamless has helped my hair not only look better but has provided me with a sense of empowerment. Not only does Glam Seamless provide great quality hair from healthy hair donors, but also are constantly staying up to date with the latest innovations in the hair extensions world. I am a firm believer in Glam Seamless tape-ins because I wake up every morning with a beautiful, full head of hair that is easy to style. From using my Beach Babe spray for getting my tan on at the beach, to my provocative volumizing powder for my night out on the town, or perhaps my Glam Dry Shampoo for that rough Monday morning at the office, styling this full head of hair is never an issue.Breanna's Tape In Hair Extension Experience: 

Okay let’s be honest… we all have that love hate relationships when it comes to our hair straighteners and curling irons. Keeping my luscious locks healthy over the last ten years was something that I had always struggled with. Now don’t get me wrong my wand is my best friend, but because I’m that girl who changes her hair color like her underwear whether it was from my bombshell blonde to my posh pink, or my granny chic silver to my 2/4/23 ombre, my hair has gone through a lot. My Thermal Therapy Protecting Spray and my Glam Over Hair Mask has been a game changer for me. Both of these products have kept the health of my hair in shape and feeling silky smooth. Okay I lied, my Glam Over Hair Mask is my best friend. Shh don’t tell my wand that. The reason I am currently obsessing over this product is because it is great for nourishing dry damaged hair and I’m not just talking about extensions either. It has really been a life saver for my natural hair as well. Trust me, I’m a Florida gal, I get it. The heat in the summer, mixed with that humidity…we need our hot tools to keep our hair in check. I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your extensions healthy and happy as well.

Now I know I’ve told you about how much I change up my hair color. Want to know my biggest secret on how I do this while being cautious about the condition of my natural hair? HAIR EXTENSIONS! Yes, I know, you must be so surprised. Glam Seamless hair extensions can not only be cut, texturized, and styled, but can also be colored and toned. Our color number 60 makes the perfect canvas for your hair stylist when it comes to custom coloring your hair. Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you question if blondes really do have more fun, but you’re that naturally dark brunette who can’t keep up with the maintenance and worry about bleaching your hair. I get the best of both worlds with my 2/4/23 ombre tape-ins. I have no color maintenance, nor do I have to worry about bleaching my natural hair at all. The magic is all in the extensions and I still get that pop of blonde I want. I love tape in hair extensions and I am loving the Glam Seamless brand! Tape extensions are perfect, and with good quality hair you can use them for over a year- that is why I love the brand. 

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