Ponytail Poppin!

Ponytail Poppin!

Ah yes, the quintessential standard ponytail. A classic ponytail seems to be in every Millenials repertoire ready to save the day when it gets hot, when you’re working out or just because you need your hair out of your face to focus. A gorgeous, full ponytail is STUNNING on a night out and now you can rock the ponytail you see on the red carpet with our gorgeous Invisi Ponytail Extension.

A Glam Seamless ponytail extension turns your everyday ponytail into a lavish, thick ponytail that even Ariana Grande would be jealous of! Our clip in ponytail extension upgrades your very own ponytail adding length, density, and volume all in one quick extension. You can get a dazzling red carpet worthy ponytail without any heat, absolutely no tools and all without setting foot in a salon! 

So what is it?

The Glam Seamless Invisi Ponytail is a wrap around ponytail extension that also includes a velcro finishing piece. The construction of the extension makes it so there is one cohesive weft with a comb attached that is inserted into the middle of your own ponytail. You then take the extra finishing piece (with velcro!) and wrap it around and then you're done! 

How do you install?

Follow along with our video tutorial! 

You start by pulling your own hair into a ponytail first. Make sure your ponytail is nice and sleek by using a boar bristle brush and using a medium to firm hold hairspray. If you have baby hairs that need to be styled, it is best to use a lightweight pomade instead of gel as the gel can leave a residue once dried. Once your ponytail is just the way you want it you are ready to install your ponytail extension.

You slide the comb into the middle of your own ponytail. If you feel that you need extra support use a bobby pin or two. Then you take the finisher piece and wrap it around the extension and your own ponytail. You can secure the finisher piece with additional bobby pins. Voila! You are ready to paint the town red!

Help! How can I pick my color!?

Color matching is always the first step when choosing extensions! With the right color your extensions will be seamless. If you have multicolor hair we do carry ponytails with balayages and highlights! Make sure to match the ponytail color to your root! 

Glam Seamless Hair Extensions are made on our own color scale and if you want the most accurate color match possible its best to match to a real swatch. You can borrow our color ring and get a sample swatch of all our solid colors. Once you know what color suits you the best you can send it back and get a store credit to use towards your extensions! If you’re only stuck between a few colors and you know you can't wait for your store credit - check out our 2 piece sample swatch! These are real human hair swatches that you can see in person to match to your own hair. 

If you feel that maybe you would feel better with a second pair of eyes check out our Salon Directory where all certified Glam Seamless stylists are listed. Glam Seamless certified stylists have received their color ring and would love to help you out. 

Love your ponytail? Make sure it lasts as long as possible!

Ponytail extensions need to be maintained just as you would your own hair. While you are wearing your pony throughout the day there will be multiple factors that will affect your extension and it is best to make sure you do everything you can to prevent issues from arising.

We love that you wear your pony everywhere you go! Your hair rests against your clothes, gets caught in your bag strap, is subject to sudden gusts of wind and dances with you! With all that being said, life throws a lot of friction on your ponytail and if you want to keep it looking as snatched as it did on day 1 make sure you brush it. It's best to brush it right before you install and as soon as you remove it. In order to prevent this from becoming a constant issue, it is best to use a leave in treatment on the extensions. The leave in treatment helps keep the hair hydrated and healthy preventing brittle ends and breakage and overall helping to maintain the manageability of your hair. 

The best practice with hair extensions to deeply hydrate the hair on a weekly basis. Hair damage happens at the molecular level and once it's damaged its nearly impossible to mend it - as such everyone should take as much preventative care as possible. Your own scalp provides a natural oil to your hair that serves as a way to moisturize the hair and seal the moisture into your strands. As extensions are not attached to your scalp they don’t benefit from this and require a weekly outside source of moisture. We have a phenomenal argan oil treatment that would work wonders! 

When using extensions it is always recommended to use a heat protectant to make sure that when you’re styling or even going outside that the hair is preserved from heat and the sun. Extensions can be affected by UV rays which will cause the hair to fade from sun exposure as well as dry out the strands. Remember that the extra sun, sea and pool water from summertime fun can accelerate hair damage and it's important to protect against these seasonal factors as well. A weekly hair mask or an oil treatment will work best to keep the hair hydrated and smooth. Please make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly after these treatments so that there is no residue to make the hair feel heavy or retain a film or texture on the strands.

Have more questions about Glam Seamless Hair Extensions? Our Support Team consists of experts who would love to chat with you! (No, really. They’re hairstylists. They actually love to chat!) You can reach Support at (888) 401-6161 or support@glamseamless.com

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