The 411 on Invisi Tape-Ins

The 411 on Invisi Tape-Ins

If you’re reading this, then you must be looking for the 411 on our Invisi tape-ins. I'm Blake, the Marketing Coordinator for Glam Seamless. I've been obsessed with hair extensions for over a decade and joined the Glam team 3 years ago, starting out as a virtual color match consultant. So, let me break down why our Invisi tape-ins are the most innovative on the market for fine and thinning hair.

The biggest question I'm asked: what is the difference between our Remy and Invisi tape-ins? Remy tape-ins are great for all hair types and for creating natural length and volume. Invisi tape-ins are best for fine and thinning hair as they offer ultimate discretion. Invisi tape-ins come with 10 pieces and each hair strand is hand sewn into the tape bond which gives the illusion that the extensions are growing directly out of your scalp. This hand sewn design creates a virtually invisible tape tab that blends seamlessly fine hair.

So, who should wear our Invisi tape-ins? Anyone can wear Invisi tape-ins, but these discreet tape-ins were specifically designed for people with fine, ultra fine, or thinning hair. If you have ultra fine hair you can use the single sided tape-in method. Pro tip: Using two tape wefts may be too heavy for thin hair, so single sided tape works as a bond holder, instead of the second weft. This method is perfect for those with thin hair and will give you instant volume, without the weight. 

Invisi tape-ins can mix and match with our Remy tape-ins which is my go-to recommendation. Pro tip: Apply Remy tape-ins from the occipital bone down to the nape (lower back of head), and use our Invisi tape-ins at the crown (top of the head), and temples (sides of the head). Place Invisi tape-ins on top of the Remy tape-ins for ultimate coverage. Why? Because everyone has a visible hairline, and this placement helps with cowlicks or on those days where you have a little oil buildup and ‘peek-a-boo scalp’ is inevitable.

How many packs of tape-ins do you need? This is where things can get tricky - It all depends on how much hair you have to start with and the final look you are trying to achieve.

If you are going strictly Invisi then I recommend:

  • 2-3 packs for a ‘natural look’
  • 4-5 packs for a ‘volume look’
  • and 6+ packs for a ‘voluminous look’

If you are going to mix and match then I recommend:

  • 1 pack of Remy and 1 pack of Invisi’ for a ‘natural look’
  • 2 packs of Remy and 2 packs of Invisi for a ‘volume look’
  • 3 packs of Remy and 2 packs of Invisi for a ‘voluminous look’

Tape-ins are a stylist method and the hair extensions must be applied by a certified Hair Stylist. If you have fine, ultra fine, or thinning hair and you are looking for a DIY (Do it yourself) method, then I highly recommend the Invisi Clip-Ins. The invisi clip-ins have an invisible weft that sits flush against the scalp, unlike other clip-ins that can appear bulky and bumpy near the root. This allows you to get your hair at full volume when you want it, and then take it off in a snap!

If you have any questions about tape-in extensions or would like a customized experience, schedule a color match or visit one of our salon locations for an in person complimentary color match or salon service.
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