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US Weekly:

Glam Squad Secrets: Stylist Clyde Haygood Spills How to Get a Glam High Pony Like Kim Kardashian using Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions! 

From Us Weekly Magazine June 2017 

It’s no secret that hair extensions are the key to some of the most glam hairstyles on the red carpet. But for the average gal at home, applying them can be daunting. Stylish sat down with Clyde Haygood, who has styled the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and Erika Jayne, giving them lust-worthy locks using Glam Seamless extensions. Haygood gave Us the scoop on the common misconceptions about tape-in extensions, how to get a fierce high pony like Kardashian and the one thing one absolutely must do when wearing extensions.

Read Haygood’s interview with Stylish here:

Stylish: What’s a common misconception that people make when it comes to putting in tape in hair extensions?

CH: A common misconception is that tape in hair extensions are more temporary, and you can randomly stick them in anywhere. Well they can be, but if they are clean and correctly applied they will have longevity, and will actually last quite a while — usually until your next color … or around 8-10 weeks.

Stylish: If one wants a glam pony like the one you did on Kim, what are the steps for that look?

CH: Pull your hair securely into a ponytail with a hair band. I like using the bands with hooks so that it stays tight without slipping or getting saggy. I use Glam Seamless Invisweft to create Kim's pony tails. Start by securing the end of the weft to a section under the hair band with a hair pin. I like the thin U-shaped pins instead of bobby pins. Then begin wrapping the weft around your own ponytail, securing with another hair pin with every other wrap to keep secure. For a finishing touch take a 1-inch strip at the end of the weft and wrap around the base of the ponytail to cover the hair band for a polished look. Then, spray the hair with hairspray as you wrap it around. Secure the end with one last hair pin. We like Kim’s pony to be extra thick, so for her we use two packages of Glam Seamless Invisweft.

Stylish: How do you ensure that a look with extensions is seamless? Is there a trick to that?

CH: To ensure your extensions are seamless focus on the color. I see girls — especially blondes — put in extensions that end up showing with movement or in the wind, because they use one color that sometimes doesn’t match exactly. With Glam Seamless, they have extensions with multiple tones so you get a more multi dimensional look with depth, rather than one solid color. Also, unless hair has been freshly bleached or dyed it usually has roots. Glam Seamless has pre-rooted extensions, so you can get your match from root to tip.

Stylish: What about if someone has a really short bob? Should they have their hair pre-styled before they put in extensions, or should they style while wearing the extensions?

CH: I prefer to add new extensions to freshly clean/washed hair especially if adding length to the whole head. I also prep by flat ironing the hair so I can make clean/precise partings and not trap any baby hairs or fly-aways when adding the tape-ins. I usually apply extensions then style the hair so the natural hair and extensions blend together to create a unified look and style. This especially works well when trying to camouflage a blunt cut or bob. 

Stylish: Is it best to use extensions on freshly washed hair or does it not matter?

CH: Though it is not absolutely necessary to have clean and straightened hair, it is a MUST to have precise partings when applying tape-ins for long lasting extensions and damage-free hair.

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