Ultra Seamless Tape-Ins


This new Luxe Line is made of a brand new matte seamless tape weft - which is more discreet and even lighter than our other lines of tape ins! Featuring our highest quality premium Remy hair. 10 piece packs so you can mix and match colors and lengths!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ultra Seamless Tape-In Extension?

Ultra Seamless Tape In Extensions are 10 piece packs made of Premium Remy hair. The tape top is unique- it is a blend between the Remy Tape Ins and Invisi Tape Ins.

What is the benefit of using Ultra Seamless Tape-In hair extensions?

The benefit of using Ultra Seamless Tape In extensions is that you are able to have a very discreet tape-in

Who are Ultra Seamless Tape Ins for?

Ultra Seamless Tape-ins are for glam girls who want Premium Remy Hair and smaller extension packs! This extension is great for both thin and thick hair and can be combined with either the Remy Tape-In extension or the Invisi Tape-In extension.

Can I style my hair with these tape-in extensions?

Absolutely! You can straighten or curl your extensions, put your hair in a ponytail or updo, braid your hair, create wedding hairstyles, create simple, cute hairstyles basically you can create any style you desire!