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Finally, the perfect set of clip ins that are 100% invisible and discreet and won't damage your hair! Our unique clip weft design is so thin at the top and blends seamlessly to any head of hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Beach Wave Clip Ins?

The Beach Wave Clip In set is made up of 10 pieces that are pre-styled with soft waves to create a “fresh from the beach” look year round! The beach waves blend well with natural hair textures and the ability to clip them in allows for a quick style in minutes!

Can I style my hair with these tape-in extensions?

Beach Wave Clip In extensions can be styled in different hair styles for wavy hair. Create a romantic updo or a flirty side braid- the options are endless! We do not advise straightening the beach wave extensions, but do recommend using a product such as the Beachwave Babe to retain the 2A beach wave curls.

What is the benefit of the Beach Wave Clip In?

The Beach Wave Clip In gives customers who love the laid back, fresh off the beach look the ability to achieve it with added volume and length whenever they like! The clip ins can be attached everyday or just on special occasions. The Beach Wave Clip In can also be attached for a color change- create the look of highlights or a balayage temporarily by mixing shades into your own hair.