Hand-Tied Wefts


Hand-tied wefts are the thinnest wefts that are used for the Beaded Rows application method available to use on hair types, especially thin or fine hair due to the ultra thin weft design. The hand-tied weft is a super flat weft that can be used to bead in, sew in, or glue in for instant transformation, this method is 100% non-damaging, and the weft is strong and durable to reuse many times.
Weight: 120 grams | length: 20”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hand tied weft bundle?

A hand tied weft bundle consists of 8 wefts which are 11 inches wide each. The wefts do not need to be cut as they are already in the small width size, which makes the installation easier for stylists. The hand tied weft has a thin weft top to which strands of hair and tied or attached by hand.

What is the benefit of installing a hand-tied weft bundle?

A hand-tied weft is the thinnest weft we offer and lay super-flat against the scalp for a seamless application without adhesive. Our hand tied wefts are one of the best options for thinning and fine hair types and won’t cause hair loss. They also work well with thick and coarse hair because their thin design won’t let hair bulk-up at the scalp, so it flows evenly from root to tip.

How long does a weft bundle last?

The hair in a weft bundle can last for up to a year with good care! Your weft move-up or reinstallation would occur about every 6-8 weeks but can differ based on how quickly your hair grows.

Are hand tied extensions bad for your hair?

The hand tied extensions damage is very, very minimal especially if you go to a certified stylist who is skilled in the sew-in or braidless weft extension installation methods.