It's finally here! An Ariana Grande worthy ponytail - that anyone can master in minutes! A gorgeous long, full ponytail that seamlessly wraps around for an invisible look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ponytail extension?

The ponytail extension is a weft that can be wrapped around the base of your ponytail and secured with a velcro.

What is the benefit of having a ponytail?

The ponytail allows you to quickly add length and volume! The glam ponytail is one of the most requested looks because of celebrities like Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez- you too can achieve the glam look with this extension without having to install tape in extensions.

Who is a ponytail extension for?

A pony tail extensión can be used by anyone who can create a ponytail in their own hair. That is all it takes- as long as you have a secure ponytail, you can attach the extension and be on your way! Any texture can work with the ponytail extension, just be sure to style for easy install and wear!

How to use a ponytail extension?

To use a ponytail extension, you must put your own hair in a ponytail, Once that is secure, you can insert the comb of the extension into the base of your own ponytail and start wrapping the extension around it. Keep wrapping and secure the extension with the velcro and make sure you add bobby pins for extra security. So many ponytail hairstyles can be created with the ponytail extension- a high ponytail, sleek ponytail, low ponytail, etc