This piece will add instant fullness and volume at the crown to fine or thinning hair in the most discreet way.

Our seamless design is thin and features a Hand Tied stitching where no one will be able to see it — it will be your best secret!
weight: 50 grams | length: 12”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Invisi Topper?

We wanted to create hair toppers for thinning hair- it is not easy to find a hair piece for the top of the head but this is perfect!

How can I use the Topper?

The topper can be placed at the top of your head and attached using the clips surrounding the mesh underside. We recommend back combing the hair that the extension is to be attached to in order to be sure there is a secure hold

Can I style the Topper?

Of course! The invisi topper can be cut and dyed with a semi- or Demi-permanent hair dye! It can also be straightened or curled to your liking.