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The latest technology in hair extensions - a monofilament mesh that is invisible once it's applied! Our invisi-weft bundle is one full weft of hand-tied skin weft hair that is undetectable and mimics hair growing from the scalp. Invisi-Weft is a three in one product, perfect for a sew in, a custom tape in or a wrap around pony! The invisi-weft is 100% reusable and customizable. Need more color options? See our full range of colors in our Traditional Weft Bundles
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Invisi Weft?

An Invisi Weft bundle is a single 27 inch wide weft. The hair is hand tied to a micro mesh top which makes the weft very discreet when installed.

What is the benefit of using an Invisi Weft Bundle versus a Traditional Weft Bundle?

An Invisi Weft Bundle has a thinner weft top that blends into the hairline for a more discreet wear. Anyone with a thinner or finer hair would definitely win with this extension!

How long does a weft bundle last?

The hair in a weft bundle can last for up to a year with good care! Your weft move-up or reinstallation would occur about every 6-8 weeks but can differ based on how quickly your hair grows.

Can I use a weft bundle with other hair extensions?

You can install different hair extensions with your traditional weft bundle! Some customers like to install weft bundles on the lower portion of their hair and use tape in extensions on the top. You can also add clip in extensions for more volume. The possibilities are endless!

Will installation of wefts damage my own hair?

No! With professional installation, machine tied wefts do not cause harm. In fact, many customers feel that the wefts protect their own hair and allow for a healthier regrowth period. Machine tied wefts should only be installed by a licensed professional. While wefts are great for most people if you have a medical condition with your scalp or epidermis please evaluate all precautions with your medical professional.