Silk Lace Clip-Ins


Add volume and length with our Silk Lace Clip-Ins. This 5 piece set will give a soft and natural undetectable look with the perfect amount of instant volume. Our Lace Clips are designed with small clips with a silicone strip that won't damage your natural hair or scalp. This allows them to stay securely in place without teasing your natural hair, so even if you have fine or thin hair the lace clip ins are soft and hold well.
weight: 140 grams | length: 20”
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Silk Lace Clip In extension?

The Silk Lace Clip Ins are a 5 piece set made of 100% Remy human hair. The hair is attached to a lace backing which is a bit thicker than the polyurethane top of the Invisible Clip-In Set. Each clip in weft has clips with a silicone covering that allows for extra security in even the finest hair.

What is the benefit of the Silk Lace Clip Ins?

The Silk Lace Clip Ins allow for more volume in every hair type! The soft lace is very comfortable and the five pieces can be interchanged to create anything from a simple look with length and volume or a very stylized glam look!