Get ready to Glam and Go with the Invisi-Bang. Snaps on in seconds, this V shaped clip-in bang gives you the most versatility to wear bangs in multiple ways from straight on to a side swept look.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my bangs hair extension be styled with heat?

Absolutely! The Clip In Bang extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair and can be cut and heat styled just as you would your own natural hair.

Can my clip in bangs be cut?

The Clip In Bang extensions can be cut to whichever length or style you would like. There a so many different bang styles that can be created with either a small trim or cutting your bangs to create a very short baby bang or asymmetrical bang

Can I install my clip in bangs myself?

We created this extension specifically so that you would be able change up your look in minutes without having to go to a salon. You can create different looks just by playing around with the hair direction, how you heat style the bang, or side bangs.

How do I care for my clip in bangs?

Clip in bangs can be washed with sulfate and paraben free shampoo as needed.

What is the benefit of Clip in bangs versus cutting my own hair into bangs?

Clip In bang extensions allow you the ability to change your look in seconds without the commitment!