Single Clip-Ins


Our single piece clip-ins are perfect for adding volume to your own hair!
You can wear them with your hair down or even in a ponytail.
Glam tip: mix and match colors for a customized clip-in experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Single Clip In?

A Single Clip extension is one weft with 2 clips on it. The extension has a polyuerathe top and the clips have silicone for better security once attached. This weft can be added into your hair on its own, or in addition to any of the other hair extensions Glam Seamless offers.

What is the benefit of using a Single Clip In?

The Single Clip In allows for you to purchase as many pieces as you need for volume and length. Some customers do not need a full set of clip ins and others are looking to add even more clip in pieces to their set- the individual clip in pieces are great for either scenario! This piece can also be used to create a temporary color pop or highlight in the hair.

Can I style my Single Clip?

Absolutely! The Single Clip is made of 100% Remy human hair and can be cut, colored, or styled to your liking!