After care Instructions

Tape in hair extensions

Glam Seamless hair extensions can last many months, with proper care. The following guide contains important information to guarantee soft, beautiful extensions and a long lasting wear. Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to your natural hair or a shorter lifespan of your Glam Seamless Hair Extensions.

As with all hair extensions, there is no definitive lifespan. Your Glam Seamless Hair Extensions are made of ethically sourced Remy human hair. Each individual pack of hair is unique - none are identical. They have each gone through a very slow preparation process to ensure the highest quality and guarantee the longest wear possible.

lifespan of your Glam
Seamless Hair Extensions

With no care

only 2-4 months

With Proper care

up to 1 year

Our hair care products were designed specifically to maintain our extensions to the fullest

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Glam Seamless has over 70+ multidimensional colors and we do not recommend applying color or toner to your hair extensions. Coloring, toning, or chemically treating your hair extensions will void all Glam Seamless warranties and guarantees and may shorten the life of your extensions.

General Care:

Excessive washing and styling may cause damage to the cuticle, the natural protective layer of hair, and decrease the wear or luster of your Glam Seamless Hair Extensions. We recommend using Glam Seamless Cleanse Shampoo, Hydrate Conditioner, and 24/7 Glam Leave-In Spray washing 2-3 times per week. Glam Seamless First Class Mask can be used once per week to maintain the soft feel of your new extensions.

On-the Go Care:

Glam Seamless cautions when swimming or exposing your hair extensions to long periods in the sun or tanning bed. We recommend avoiding saltwater, chlorinated water, and excessive exposure to UV rays, as these may damage your extensions, diminish their color, or cause them to slip from the hair. For added protection at the pool or beach, apply Glam Seamless First Class Mask before swimming.


Using excessive heat on your hair extensions will reduce their lifespan and wear.

Take care of your new hair extensions as you would take care of your own hair. Like your natural hair, extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat. Glam Seamless Thermal Therapy Protecting Spray can be used to protect against heat damage and lock out frizz from humidity. Allow hair to air dry when possible. Do not apply extended blowdryer heat or direct styling tool heat to the hair extension bond. Keep heat to a maximum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to protect both your extensions and your natural hair.


Your extensions are attached to your natural hair. Excessive pulling or harsh brushing can cause them to slip.

Gentle, regular brushing using the Glam Seamless Detangler Brush or 24K Perfect Styling Brush 3-4 times a day will prevent tangling or matting. When brushing, softly brush from the bond through the ends of your hair. When tangles occur, hold the extension bond to prevent pulling, and gently remove each tangle.


We recommend that all hair extensions are applied by a Glam Seamless Certified Hair Extension Specialist.

A consultation before your installation will allow for an accurate color match and ensure the extension method that is chosen is best suited to your hair and lifestyle. Selecting a hairstylist that has not been trained and certified in Glam Seamless Hair Extensions may lead to improper application and possible damage to your natural hair. To find a Certified professional in your area, use the Glam Seamless Salon Locator online here.

Not everyone is suitable for hair extensions and not every hair extension method is suitable for you. Please consult with your Glam Seamless Certified Professional.

New hair extension client FAQ

Why do my hair extensions feel dry?

Aftercare is essential. Applying excessive heat, rough brushing, or exposure to saltwater, chlorinated water, or UV rays can dry out your hair extensions and make them feel brittle and appear dull. “Hard water,” that has a high amount of mineral content, may also result in dry hair. For best results, bush your hair 3-4 times daily and use Glam Seamless aftercare products. To revive dry hair, use Glam Seamless First Class Mask or Silky Smooth Serum.

Will my hair extensions change color?

Like salon colored hair, colors may fade with time. Some hair colors are more prone to fading such as reds, silvers, and pastels. Natural color fade is not included in Glam Seamless Quality Guarantee but to assure long lasting color follow the aftercare instructions carefully and use Glam Seamless aftercare products as recommended by your Certified hairstylist.

Can I color my hair extensions?

With over 70+ colors to choose from, Glam Seamless will most likely have a perfect color for you! Coloring the hair is not recommended as it may reduce the quality of the hair texture or lifespan and wear of your extensions. If color is desired, consult a hair color professional. Never apply bleach or lightener to your hair extensions.

Please note: Glam Seamless Hair Extensions that have been previously colored or chemically treated cannot be returned or exchanged. Applying hair color or chemical treatments of any type voids all warranties and guarantees.

Why are my hair extensions matting or bunching up?

Matting is a result of damage to the cuticle, the natural protective layer of hair, due to improper care. For example, excessive heat or coloring the hair can fray the cuticle and create tangles. “Bunching up” may occur if the cuticle has been stripped from the hair due to heat, hair color, or inferior product use. Hair may look dry, dull, and as if it has expanded. Be careful to wash and condition, brush, and style your extensions according to these aftercare instructions to prevent damage.

Why did I have an extension slip out?

Slippage may be a result of improper care, tension, incorrect use or placement of haircare products, or other factors. It’s important to contact your Glam Seamless Certified Professional as soon as possible if you have slippage or an extension that has come out. This will help them determine why it came out and how to protect your remaining hair extensions. For installation related concerns, please contact your Certified hairstylist within 72 hours of installation so they may better assist you in resolving your concern.

Slippage is not covered under our 60 Day Warranty/Quality Control Policy.