Glam seamless Shampoo Solutions

  • Shampoo

    The gentle cleansing power helps maintain and instantly detangles your extensions. Our shampoos are always free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride. They are also 100% color safe.

    When to use:

    Ready to wear: Weekly or less depending on wear
    Semi-Permanent: Wash with your own hair

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  • Purple Shampoo

    Blonde hair extensions are already perfect, but all blonde can change color with washing, styling and being in the sun. This purple shampoo, formulated and safe for hair extensions, enhances blonde shades and reduces brassy tones with every wash to restore blonde hair back to its beautiful original color.

    When to use:

    To banish brassiness and bring out the best in blonde, white and silver hair.

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  • Extension Prep Shampoo

    Clarifying the hair is an important step before the application of Glam Seamless extensions. Perfectly Clean clarifying shampoo is a revitalizing formulation that works fast to cleanse hair and remove product build-up. Kiwi acids clean and clarify the hair, leaving it shiny and primed for hair extension application.

    When to use:

    Before installation of
    semi-permanent hair extensions

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  • Dry Shampoo

    Glam Me Up Dry Shampoo is the ultimate hair saver. This dry shampoo quickly absorbs oil (the main reason why hair extensions slip out) and removes product to refresh hair between washes. Cleans hair quickly, boosts volume, and is perfect for tape-in hair extensions. Leaves no residue behind!

    When to use:

    When you're in need of a wash but
    simply don't have the time

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Glam seamless Conditioning solutions

  • Conditioner

    Conditioner is designed specifically to revitalize and hydrate dull, dry hair. Gives softness and strength to hair extensions and prevents matting or tangling, allowing them to last longer. Effortlessly detangles hair and provides weightless hydration for longer lasting extensions.

    When to use:

    After cleansing the hair with shampoo. Do not apply to the extension bonds.

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  • Conditioning spray

    Glam & Go Conditioning Spray conditions, shines, detangles and gives hair a protective anti-static coating. Spray the Glam and Go conditioning spray on your hair extensions for instant detangling. Lightly spray over your hair for an instant smoothing effect. Brush afterwards with a detangling brush. Hold your hair extensions at the root as you brush.

    When to use:

    After washing your extensions, can be used daily or when your hair needs some detangling. Do not apply to the extension bonds.

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Glam seamless Hair care solutions

  • Leave in Treatment

    This leave-in treatment infuses dry hair with smoothing proteins and conditioners to instantly repair hair extensions, soften, and help prevent future breakage. It is specially formulated with Pro Vitamin B5 to repair damage and seal split ends. It also seals hair cuticles, promoting long-lasting hydration to visibly improve hair quality.

    When to use:

    After towel drying hair, when your hair just needs a little therapy

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  • Hair Extension Mask

    This hair mask gives you hydrated, soft and manageable hair. Reconstructs the hair to improve hair texture and leaves it soft to the touch. Specially formulated for hair extensions with a unique blend of nutrients that will help repair, rejuvenate and rebuild elasticity. Leaves hair silky-smooth and hydrated without weighing it down. Indulge your hair with this ultimate strengthening hair mask.

    When to use:

    After shampooing hair, about once a week. Do not apply to the extension bonds.

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Glam seamless Styling solutions

  • Blow Dry Prep

    A great blowout starts with pretreatment. Use this blow dry prep that is infused with Biotin to perfect your blowout. The biotin and vitamin B helps hair to be more manageable for styling, and will help protect your hair extensions. This pretreatment will prevent breakage from the small amount of coconut oil.

    When to use:

    After towel drying your hair, before blow drying and styling

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  • Hair Spray

    Hold Me Tight Hair spray is a flexible hair spray designed for hair extensions. Gives your hair unbelievable volume, lift and hold in an instant, leaving no stiffness or crunch. Adds a natural shine and keeps hair in place without drying out hair extensions. Easy to brush out & no build up - ever!

    When to use:

    On dry hair after styling to hold in place

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  • Beachwave Babe

    Beachwave Babe is the ultimate curl-defining spray gel that creates and restores curls. It creates the ultimate beachy waves with bouncy, long-lasting hold and no stickiness or buildup. This product is a must for our wavy and curly extensions! You can also use this spray gel to change your Glam Seamless straight remy extensions into wavy extensions. The hair becomes wavy when activated with water and is enhanced with the Beachwave Babe spray.

    When to use:

    When you want to create or give
    definition to curls and waves

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  • Thermal Therapy

    Our thermal spray keeps your hair silky and soft by creating a protective barrier between your hair extensions and the heat of styling tools and sun exposure. Uniquely formulated to prevent heat damage and lock out humidity.

    When to use:

    Before hot tool use

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  • Silky Smooth Serum

    Silky Smooth Serum tames any left over frizz or flyaways for perfectly smooth, silky hair. Argan Oil instantly absorbs into hair to transform dry, damaged hair into healthy, shiny hair. Smoothes hair extensions and protects against damage caused by chemicals, the environment, or excessive heat from styling.

    When to use:

    After towel drying hair, when your hair just needs a little therapy

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Glam seamless styling tools

  • Detangling Brush

    The secret to smooth hair extensions day after day is brushing! Use our detangling brush to quickly remove any tangles and smooth out hair after a day of wear. This is the ultimate detangling brush for wet or dry hair.

    When to use:

    Daily, before during and after extension wear

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  • Hot tool

    The Glam Seamless Signature Hot Tools Collection consists of three high end tools - Flat Iron, Beach Waver and Curling Iron! Get the glamorous hair of your dreams with any of the Glam Seamless signature Hot Tools and the top rated hair extensions in the world. Created specifically for styling all hair extension types without damage.

    When to use:

    On dry prepped hair that is in need of a glam style

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  • Towel Turban

    This towel turban is created to pull water out of hair, fast. By reducing the amount of time needed to dry hair you will need to use less heat on your hair, and the health of your hair will improve. Less frizz. Less breakage. Faster drying with less heat. It’s the healthiest, best way to take care of your hair and extensions.

    When to use:

    After washing extensions