About our brushes

Brushing daily is the key to keeping your extensions soft and tangle-free. Each brush has its own purpose.

Ultimate Hair
Extension Brush

This brush is made just for your Glam Seamless extensions and will keep your hair extensions in great shape so you can reuse them time after time. Soft nylon bristles that are gentle on the scalp and will effortlessly detangle hair. This ultimate hair extension brush reduces breakage and split ends and leaves you with smooth, healthy hair. It is perfect for hair extensions as it won't snag or rip the hair.

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Detangler Brush

This is the ultimate detangling brush for wet or dry hair. Featuring a stronger, long lasting structure with a soft touch handle that is light weight and slip free, this must have brush has flexible bristles that work through tangles - without pulling or tugging extensions as it won't snag or rip the hair.

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24K Perfect
Styling Brush

The Glam Seamless 24K Perfect Styling Brush is a lightweight styling tool that’s perfect for both extensions and natural hair. Its malleable yet firm blend of nylon and boar bristles evenly distributes your natural hair oils from the scalp through your hair for more manageable and moisturized locks. This brush can be used on all hair types for everyday brushing, styling, and especially for creating the perfect pony.

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Flexible Brush

The Glam Seamless Flexible Brush will carefully detangle your hair as well as gently stimulate your scalp. Our brush can be used on both wet or dry hair and is great for use on any hair type. The aerodynamic shape helps the brush to glide through strands and the vents help cut down on drying time when used with a hair dryer.

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Three-In-One Pro
Styling Brush

The only brush you'll ever need for hair extensions: detangling, styling, and shine enhancing. This brush is made with 100% pure boar bristles which distribute natural oils from your scalp to your hair extensions, giving your hair a beautiful balanced shine. Because this is an ionic brush, negative ions are released when brushing, which result in hair that is moisturized and shiny. This brush is also a great styling brush, as the soft bristles allows you to create beautiful ponytails or soft brushed out beach waves. Bonus, it will never pull or snag on your extensions!

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Teasing Brush

Add volume and lift to your hairstyles with the Glam Seamless Teasing Brush. This professional teasing brush is ideal for teasing, creating volume, smoothing fine hair and texture creation. Perfect for the salon or any Glam & Go look!

Pro Tip: Use this brush to tease your roots to give your clip-in extensions a strong base!

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