Founder Alexandra Cristin has always been passionate about beauty since a young age and she has always helped other women learn new beauty secrets. From new hairstyles to makeup tricks Alexandra enjoys the art of beauty. She believes all women are beautiful and adding fun accessories such as hair extensions and makeup are a way for women to express themselves. She discovered that expressing creativity through beauty helps women have an inner confidence and that confidence translates into many parts of women's lives. Her passion is to help other women look and feel their best starting from the inside out. 

Alexandra has worn hair extensions for over 14 years and is a hair extensions expert. She knows the hair extension market and know what women need for fabulous long lasting hair. After trying every hair extension method out there she was not happy and wanted something better that lasted and was natural. She tried EVERY method from clip-ins, fusion, sew-ins, and even micro-beads until she finally discovered seamless extensions. However, she found that all the seamless extensions on the market did not deliver what she needed which was high quality hair and tape at a fair price. Alexandra decided to personally design her own hair extension line perfecting seamless extensions at an affordable price for women all around the world. She wanted better tape and hair at a reasonable price that women can enjoy. So she created a team of hair extension experts and beauty advisors to perfect the most glamorous line of hair seamless and clip in hair extensions. (In the photo she is wearing Extra Virgin Hair #4 and #6 to match with her highlights)