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Salon owners are continuously looking to improve their salon to keep up with the latest trends and increase revenue.  Providing the perfect cut, color and hair style for your clients is essential for repeat business. Atmosphere, customer service, convenience and providing new services are the appealing factors in enticing clients to visit and return. Are you seeking creative ways to attract new clients and increase profits? Should you consider increasing your marketing strategies? There is an easier solution - stay ahead of the competition.

Most salons are aware of the high demand of hair extensions. The most efficient way to change hair styles is to use hair extensions. Creating new hair concepts and styles for your clients is what will attract new clients and impress and keep current clients coming back to your salon. The latest and most requested hair extension method, tape in hair extensions, is a great way to increase revenue and decrease the amount of hours worked. Learn how you can partner with Glam Seamless to get amazing referrals and wholesale prices and exclusive 2016 certification to increase you revenue. 

What are the benefits of adding tape in extensions as a new service to your salon? Your hairstylist will earn money faster and will be able to increase the amount of clients they can see in a day. The most important benefit for the salon owner is effective time management. Maximizing profits while decreasing time that stylists need to spend for installing tape in hair extensions. The most important benefit for your client is no damage to their real human hair along with the flexibility of washing, coloring, cutting and the tape in hair extensions last two to three months if installed properly. Your clients will rave about their real human hair extensions to all of their friends, thus creating more business for your salon.

Glam Seamless offers online education for salons all around the world. As a business owner, you are able to get certified without the travel costs celebrity hair extensions and day off. Our online education classes are brand new cases filmed in 2016 with world renowned celebrity and editorial stylist David Lopez. This hands on class will teach hairstylists every thing they need to know about the tape in method including customized application techniques, to how to market and sell this service to increase salon profits. For any hairstylists or salon owners, this brand new hands on class will give you access to brand new techniques and training as well as many benefits including wholesale pricing, a directory listing on our website, and a free starter kit. Even if you're certified with another brand, joining the Glam Seamless education and certification will increase your revenue by giving you access to wholesale pricing and unlimited referrals and exposure as  we are listed as the number one tape in supplier. 

Salon owners can increase profits by offering this latest trend of seamless hair extensions to your clients. Glam Seamless offers educational courses, sample packages, color rings and exclusive membership to the Glam Seamless Network. Within the Glam Seamless Network, your salon and stylists will receive complete and the most comprehensive online training, including installation, cut and style, maintenance of tape in hair extensions and how to get repeat business. As a salon owner, within the Glam Seamless Network, your salon will always receive a VIP discount off ALL of our products so that you can keep inventory on hand for clients, and there is never an order minimum. 

Glam Seamless provides luxurious 100% virgin Remy hair with the cuticle intact. We offer many colors, straight or wavy, and each piece of hair is 1.5 inches wide, pre-taped with Italian Supertape for a longer lasting seal. The seamless hair extensions tape together like a sandwich to create a long, lasting bond. It is a smooth bond, so there are no bumps or clips to manage. Updo’s are perfect with seamless tape in hair extensions as there are no clips or glue to manage. Salons can also offer color blends that just can’t be obtained by hair dying. Your salon can offer two different colors close to the client’s hair color, educate your stylists to alternate the colors by sandwich layering, thus creating a beautiful, highlighted textured blend of hair. If your client loves the color, texture and blend, there is a high probability that the client cannot get that service at another location.

Glam Seamless can help salon owners increase profits and revenue with our high end tape in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions and care products. For more information, please visit us at or by calling 1-(888) 401-6161.

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