Dirty Little Secret for Valentine’s Day - They Won’t Know You’re Wearing Them!

Ladies, let’s talk about how to look great and feel comfortable for Valentine’s Day with full, gorgeous, luxurious hair. We all know about traditional clip in hair extensions which provides a quick fix to making your hair longer and fuller. The issue with clip in hair extensions is that the thought of your significant other running their fingers through your hair can be mortifying, causing you to be cautious with your every move. There is nothing worse than someone seeing or feeling your clip hair.

Maybe you are going to a fine dinner first and you want to wear your hair in a romantic up do. Maybe you are going to a fun singles party with your friends and you want to wear your hair up. Have you ever noticed that this is next to impossible with clip in hair extensions, as the clips show through when pulled upward, 

especially on the sides of your head? Picture yourself all dressed up, a few tresses of hair curled and swept gently around your face for that romantic look, yet you continuously are concerned throughout the night if the clips are showing. Can they feel your clip in hair extensions? Yes. But if you have your Glam Seamless tape-in hair extensions installed, it will be your dirty little secret! They won’t even know your wearing them, because they wont be able to feel or see them. 

We get this question often on our message board with the concern that others can feel clip in hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions have been the most popular on the market for many years now. But that has changed and we want you up to date with the latest hair extension trend. The latest hair extension trendof 2014 is “seamless extensions” which are hair extensions that are taped in to your hair instead of clipped in to your hair. 

Tape in hair extensions are extremely flat and durable and conform to the shape of your head.  They arecomfortable to wear and are almost impossible to feel by others. There are no bumps from clips and wearing an up do is easy and comfortable, because there is no concern that the tape will show through and people will notice.

Tape in hair extensions are easy to install in less than one hour. They come pre-taped and ready for immediate installation. They can be as temporary as you like by removing them when you no longer want them in. Purchase a few packs of extra tape and reapply when needed, as the extensions are re-useable for up to 3 re-applications. 

Tape in hair extensions are the latest hair extension trend of 2014 because they can be worn for two to three months before removal and re-application is necessary. So there is the benefit of a short termapplication of seamless extensions or a more semi-permanent option so that you don’t show up two weeks after Valentine’s Day with frumpy hair with less body! Tape in hair extensions are 100% natural (no chemicals or tools used) and non-damaging.

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the long, full, gorgeous head of hair that you and your man love while giving yourself the confidence and comfort of sleek, smooth hair. Now you have two dirty little secrets for Valentine’s Day! People will love your hair and won’t know you are wearing them.


Visit us at www.glamseamless.com to get your tape in hair extensions ordered in time for Valentine’s Day.


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