Ombre Hair is Here to Stay

So years later the Ombre hair trend is still raved and requested in salons all across the world. The amazing look compliments so many women as it creates a beautiful and fresh look. But let's be honest, ombre can truly be a lot of work. Not to mention,some women who have really dark hair cannot achieve the perfect ombre look. Why? Some dark hair beauties gorgeous hair simply will not take that lightning process well, resulting in a brassy orange colored ombre which does not look good at all. Even if you can achieve the ombre look through coloring the results are extremely damaging and require a lot of money and commitment-with no guarantee that you will have gorgeous ombre look that you hoped for (you know when you bring a photo to the salon and it rarely turns out the way the photo was) sigh. 

You can achieve any ombre look with seamless ombre extensions. Adding in ombre extensions to your hair will give you the ombre look without the damage or commitment. Perfect for those who want to have the ombre look for summer. Ombre hair is one of the best hair trends and you can have access to this too. Finally, there is a solution for women who want the ombre look without the wasted money, extra commitment, and possible damage. Our ombre tape in extensions will give you the exact look you want (through custom ombre selection) to achieve a beautiful ombre look that will lasts through the summer. We have over 36 colors in 12-30 inches available for ombre seamless hair extensions. We also make ombre clip in extensions in any color you want.

Simply email us and reach out to one of stylist representatives who help you create your perfect ombre extensions. We work with women one on one to create beautiful ombre and dip dyed seamless extensions. We will give you the perfect ombre look to compliment your beauty. You can have it all, the secret is ombre seamless! 

Save yourself the hassle and money-dont color your gorgeous healthy hair, just add seamless!


***See how master stylist Lisa Fine from the MJF Salon in Tarzana, CA transformed her clients hair below with the perfect ombre look. She took one color (golden blonde) and added in seamless extensions-she didn't even need custom seamless extensions! You can achieve this look too! (Photo credit: Instagram Glam Seamless page)

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