Seamless in the Summer

If you are familiar with seamless hair extensions then you already know that the perfect time to wear seamless extensions is (all year round) particularly during the summer! Seamless extensions are easy to apply, easy to maintain, and are the latest in hair extensions! This method is here to stay. Summer is the perfect time for seamless extensions because they are low maintenance and you can enjoy all your normal actives without worrying about your extensions! You can go swimming with your seamless extensions and they will not slip out! 

You can go on vacation and enjoy yourself! Finally no more worrying about clip in extensions or one by one fusion hair extensions that slip out one by one! You can workout or try new adventures all while being glamorous! Not to mention it’s wedding season! If you are a bride or attending a wedding having a full head of hair will definitely compliment your look! Women will wonder how is it that you have such a gorgeous full head of hair, they will never guess that you are wearing extensions. 

Are you a bride getting married this summer? We want to assist you in having the perfect hair! One of our stylist representatives will work with you one on one to make sure we assist you with your custom hair selection. We can help you decide the look you desire and guarantee! Seamless extensions are durable and can withstand the added perspiration and heat in the summer in case you were wondeing! No slippage will occur. Unlike other hair extension companies, Glam Seamless offers high quality hair and high quality tape that lasts and has thick healthy ends. Our hair is healthy and does not dry out, tangle or mat. Not to mention, our hair can become wavy when wet (just add a little curl cream) and you will have perfect beach waves! Summer is upon us and you should celebrate in style! Many women that have a full head of hair wear hair extensions, they just don't tell you! Well their secret is seamless…Glam Seamless! You will have a full head of hair. Apply and go! You will be busy, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair! To a fun and memorable summer! 


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