The best type of hair extensions

The best type of hair extensions


My Hair Extensions Experience Over 15 Years:


Types of Hair Extensions


Clip-In Hair Extensions: Quick installation, easy to use, good from time to time. Not good for women who want to wear them every day! Shop our lightweight Clip In Extensions. 

Micro Bead Hair Extensions: Can be extremely damaging, take too long to apply, very costly, hair gets stringy. 

Fusion/Keratin Bonds Hair Extensions: Very damaging, hair is hard to manage, overpriced, takes too long to apply, hair knots up easily. 

Skin Weft Hair Extensions: Amazing, high end invisible tape like extensions that areskin weft hair extensions  undetectable, lightweight, a little pricey, but WORTH IT. Like tape extensions, but invisible like they're coming from your own scalp! I love skin weft seamless extensions.

Sew-In Hair Extensions: Cannot wash hair, the braid causes damage to certain hair types. Not a good look. 

Tape In Hair Extensions: Quick application, easy to maintain, hair is the best hair extensions reusable, able to wear hair up or down, no damage. Affordable, comfortable, reusable!  Glam Seamless tape ins offer more hair per pack. 

I have worn hair extensions for over 10 years and I love them! I love adding length, volume, and changing my entire look with hair extensions. It gives me more hair to work with for fun and creative hairstyling and it also boosts my confidence! I am sure you Glam Girls understand the power of good hair extensions! I have had it all: fusion keratin hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions, the best clip in hair extensions, tape in extensions, individual braided hair extensions, and even sewn in hair extensions! I know, it’s exhausting trying to find the best type of hair extensions! At the age of 20, I became a plus size model and also worked in TV and being glamorous was a daily part of my job. The job required that I had great hair all the time. With my busy schedule and my constant need to workout while looking glam, I was tired of clip in hair extensions.  I wanted something a little more permanent. I tried all the methods out there! Sewn in was terrible and not for me - my hair couldn't breathe. Fusion hair extensions and micro bead hair extensions looked “stringy” and took hours to apply and thousands to install and they damaged my hair! I finally was getting ready for a photo shoot and needed hair extensions right away! That is when I found out about seamless tape in extensions! I was in love with the idea of them. But I was skeptical - how can tape in extensions last so long? Will tape in hair extensions damage my hair? How much are seamless extensions? Why haven't I heard about them!? Are seamless extensions and tape in extensions the same thing? Yes they are! 

After trying seamless extensions I knew that I would never need any other type of hair extension out there. The seamless method is the solution to perfect hair. It takes less than an hour to apply, you can wear hair up or down, and you can’t even feel the bonds! Not to mention it is very affordable compared to all other hair extension methods. I was able to wash my hair, workout with hair extensions, and have amazing hair on the go 24/7! Not to mention, with amazing quality hair, the seamless hair extensions are reusable and each installation lasts me up to three months. I am very busy and do not miss the days where I sat in a salon getting fusion and micro bead extensions.

I now laugh looking back at all of the other hair extension methods I tried! They were a waste of time and money. With hair extensions you really want something that is lightweight, natural, and easy to maintain! The last thing I want to worry about is my hair! I want a full head of hair and I want to enjoy my life. With seamless extensions you will have the ease of these hair extensions. I feel like tape in extensions are the best type of hair extensions because they are all natural, no chemicals or tools are used, they are easy to maintain, and they give me a full head of hair without anyone knowing I am wearing hair extensions. Note: having high quality tape in hair extensions is important! I have tried other brands and if you get a bad line of hair or tape - it can truly be a nightmare. Stick with high quality hair: invest now and save later. The last thing you want is to have a mess of seamless extensions - I've been there with other brands and it is truly a headache.  The tape will get stuck in your hair if you chose the wrong brand, but GUARANTEED it won't happen with Glam Seamless extensions. 

My favorite type of hair extension method is seamless tape in extensions!  After trying all the methods over the past 10 years I am so happy to have finally found a hair extension that is easy to maintain. Also note, if you're wearing you clip in extensions every day, they may cause bald spots over time, so you may want to consider tape extensions as your go to for hair extensions. So, if you're going to get hair extensions - do it the right way!  Note: Always have your seamless extensions professionally installed by a PRO! 




Alexandra, founder of Glam Seamless is wearing the #4 and #6 Glam Seamless Extra Virgin Hair extensions in this photo. 


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