You CAN workout with hair extensions!

Let’s face it working out is a must but so is having a great head of hair! Most of us love a full ponytail and a full head of hair to work with! With seamless extensions you can workout, sweat, swim, and still have fabulous hair that lasts. Our natural and lightweight extensions are very durable. With our high grade super tape the bonds stay together for 3 months even when being exposed to excessive sweat, swimming, or excessive blowouts (guilty)! Many girls who wear extensions are scared to workout because they think the hair will not last and with high quality hair extensions, that is not the case. Working out with tape in extensions is the easiest thing to do. If you have invested into high quality seamless extensions then you are free to workout and workout hard! You also have the added benefit of looking great with your full head of hair! You never know, putting your best forward can bring about many 
opportunities! In fact if you workout a lot and you want to have hair extensions than seamless hair extensions are the best hair extensions for women who workout! Of course with many other hair extension types it can be a challenge to work out. Working out with clip in extensions is the worst thing you can do! The bulky clips and the teased hair to get the clips to stay is a nightmare waiting to happen! Not to mention you can barely get your hair up in a pony tail without your clips showing. It is almost impossible. Working out with fusion or one by one hair extensions will leave your hair looking stringy and some may even slip out-we ALL know how easy those individuals come out. And of course working out with weave (the braided weft kind) is just a big no-when your hair is braided the sweat gets trapped and it will be hard getting it out! 
So the truth is out-you can workout with hair extensions! No excuses ladies! Look and feel your best. If you are investing into hair extensions you also will be investing into your health! With tape in extensions you can workout, look amazing while doing it, and feel good! Some of our customers are professional athletes who wear our hair extensions and they rave about how the hair lasts despite their many hours of working out! Do yourself a favor and workout hard! If you are overprotective of your hair just rinse out the sweat or chlorine after exposure to it! Do that and you will be good to do! 
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