Met Gala Hair Trends 2016

The Queen of Fashion, Anna Wintour, hosts the annual Met Gala every year and it’s a star studded event with a sneak peak into great beauty trends right here in NYC. The event brings out the most glamorous looks and highlights new trends on the rise worn by major celebrities and trend setters. Let’s look at the top 2016 hair hits (and misses) and top trends at this years Met Gala. Hair of course, will always compliment and make the overall look. Get the latest ideas and inspiration for your next big night out.

Glitter Roots: Gorgeous super model Gigi Hadid made a statement at the Met Gala and set a new hair trend for this summer, glitter roots. She had a clean side part and slicked back hairdo with clean glitter on her roots that was a subtle, yet great way to add more Glam to her look. Glitter roots are super easy, simply add a little hair gel to the root with an eyeliner brush (this helps for precise application) and add a little bit of glitter on top of that. Do not pour the glitter on the root, this will become very messy and sloppy. To get a clean look like Gigi, use something very small and precise for application like an eyeliner brush! 

Slicked Back “Wet” Hair: Fashion icons are getting rid of the big curls for their glamorous nights out and opting for a slicked back wet hair look. Perfect for summer time and those looking to highlight their outfit. This slicked back look allows women to really show off their outfit and their makeup. Although this look may not work for every one, it was a top choice for starts at the 2016 Met Gala. Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Hudson all slayed this slicked back hair look last night.  This look just says "I'm powerful, glamorous, and here to stay!" 


Perfect Ponytails: Ever thought you would rock a ponytail to a major event? Probably not, that’s basic right? These days perfect ponytails are in and on trend and chosen as the top hairstyle for major events. Super Stars Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and more all opted for high ponytails at the Met Gala. This look works well because its an simply underestimate beauty-showcasing their beauty instead. Side note, not sure about you, but my natural ponytail isn't quite as cute. That’s why tape in hair extensions are perfect for ponytail looks because they are discreet enough so you can wear high ponytails and give you a beautiful thick ponytail! 

Hair Jewelry: 2016 is the year for understated Glam. Adding subtle elements to your hairdo are going to set your look apart from the crowd. Stars opted for hair jewelry and tattoos and it worked beautifully. Rita Ora rocked what appears to be a metallic hair tattoo and Madonna chose a a center headpiece. This is a huge trend for this year because its something we haven't seen before on red carpets. 

Pulled Back Low Hairdos: The majority of stars had pulled back low hairdos with a touch of extra glam such as a braid or side part. This seems to be the chosen look for this year, again, going with the understate glamorous look. When people think of big night outs they think big hair and curls-however pulled back hairstyles work just as well.   

Misses: Don’t Try These At Your Next Big Night Out

Not Trying: This HBO Girls Star looks like she's ready to run errands. She could have improved this hairstyle by adding in a braid, hair jewelry, or an added element of Glam. You've got to try a little harder than this.


Yellow Blonde Wiggy: Throw on a wig and go? Uhh, sure…but make sure that it’s not a wild mess. Lady Gaga could have gone for a more styled glamorous wig, this one just looked 1980s afterparty. Love Lady Gaga, would have loved to see a bit of a cleaner look on her.

What looks hair looks did you love? Our favorites were the ponytails and hair jewelry! Perfect glamorous understated statements that pop. 

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