5 Reasons to Wear Tape-In Hair Extensions This Summer

5 Reasons to Wear Tape-In Hair Extensions This Summer

Hair extensions in the summer

Summertime is perfect for glamorous beach parties, as well working out, vacations, beaches, swimming, outdoor sports and even camping (in an RV!). As you go from covered up to lighter clothes and sandals, you may want to learn how to lighten up your hair extensions as well! Good news for those who are already planning their big summer plans, or who’ve already come to love hair extensions: thin invisible hair extensions are possible this summer.

What are you going to do for your summer hair?  If you already use hair extensions, you’ve experienced the amazing difference these luxurious extensions make to your appearance – and your self-confidence. However, you also may perceive hair extensions as “high maintenance” – best saved for special occasions and times when you’re willing to see your stylist regularly for reinstalls and styling.    

During the summer, it gets super hot! Plan to trade frizzy hair for cute high ponytails and braids! TRUST US, wearing clip in hair extensions this summer is out! They are too bulky and too hot for the summer. Picture yourself with a brand new set of hair extensions that you can swim with,  wear up or down, and you can keep them in all summer with NO damage…Yes, we’re talking about tape in hair extensions. You will want to spend less time on your hair routine and more time enjoying the gorgeous weather and outdoor opportunities. Put your clips aside and see why tape in hair extensions are you perfect choice for summer! 

Tape-in hair extensions are much easier to wear and easier to maintain than you might expect or believe based on previous experiences. Tape-in hair extensions eliminate most, if not all hair-extension objections. They make it not only possible, but easy to wear hair extensions during the hot summer months.  

1. Invisibility

Tape-in hair extensions are not the same as clip-in hair extensions (the ones most clients are familiar with). They’re the perfect hair extensions for summer hair beauty. First, they’re invisible. Strong, non-damaging tape lays flat to the head so that each extension blends seamlessly with your own hair. You’d expect any hair extension to blend in, but invisibility is especially important in the summer.  Let’s be honest. Your hair is not always styled – and not always dry – when you go out in public. If you get wet and pull your hair up into a ponytail or clip, these hair extensions are undetectable. As your hair dries, they’re still undetectable. And of course, if you style your hair for a summer event (or just because you never leave your home without first styling your hair), tape-in hair extensions always look 100% natural like your own hair – because they are made from 100% healthy human hair.  

 2. Lightweight

Another major advantage of tape-in hair extensions: they’re lightweight. Clipped-in hair extensions are great, especially for certain situations (e.g., in-between seamless installs), but they can be heavy and not lie flat to the head. Tape-in hair extensions are a lot less bulky. Replacing bulky clips with lightweight tape makes each weft much lighter.  Wearing tape-in hair extensions during the summer is more comfortable, not heavy and hot.

3. Waterproof/Sweat proof

Tape-in hair extensions go perfectly with your active summer lifestyle. With warmer temperatures and often, high humidity, increased sweat is inevitable in the summer months. In some areas, all you need do is walk outside and you’ll have rivulets of sweat on your brow and down your back. Tape-in hair extensions remain unaffected by sweat. Even better, they’re also waterproof. Go ahead and swim, dive, play in the waves or under a waterfall (or get caught in a summer rainstorm). Your tape-in hair extensions will stay perfectly in place. The hair color will not fade due to chlorinated pools. The texture will not change. Your tape-in hair extensions maintain their gorgeous luster, rain or shine.

4. Reusable

Tape-in hair extensions are also reusable. You can slide out and later re-tape any hair extension weft, whenever you want, for up to one year. Each weft can be reused up to three times. Look for tape-in hair extensions that use medical grade surgical tape with organic coconut-oil-based hair extension remover. This combination of top-quality tape and gentle remover will not leave sticky residue on the wefts or damage your own hair.

For a kicky summer look, get some blonde hair extensions colored with fun, bright colors (pink, purple, blue, green, etc.) and place them in strategic spots around your head. The look can be temporary for summer, with the colored extensions later changed back to “traditional” when you want/need to make a more subtle hair statement.

5. Last All Summer

Summer freedom should include freedom from frequent visits to the salon to deal with hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions last up to three months, or all summer long. They’re the ultimate “must-have hair accessory” for your active summer lifestyle. In fact, these hair extensions are a dream-come-true for anyone who wants a day-in, day-out, fabulous summer look with a no-muss, no-fuss routine. Tape-in hair extensions are durable, invisible, lightweight, reusable and waterproof/sweat proof – everything hair extensions must be to handle the special demands placed on hair during June, July and August. 

No matter how you define your “summer activities” or “summer plans,” engage confidently. Tape-in hair extensions can give you the freedom to immerse yourself in your summer – and look glamorous doing it.    



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