Dating With Hair Extensions | Date Night Hairstyles With Hair Extensions

Wearing hair extensions can instantly boost your look and give you an undeniable boost in confidence. Long luscious locks have always been a great way to attract attention. Now you wear hair extensions and you are going on a date and you have a dilemma-you want to know if you can wear hair extensions and no one will know.  Going on a date with hair extensions? Worried if your new mate may be scared away? If you wear fusion or clip in you do need to worry. These hair extensions can slip at any moment. This can be a first date disaster. But if you wear tape in hair extensions you will be happy to know that these thin invisible tape wefts are invisible and undetectable. They can also be worn in any hairstyle as these hair extensions are the most versatile. You may find yourself wanting to try out a new look. Now that you have hair extensions you are excited because you have so much more hair to work with. These three hairstyles are perfect date night hairstyles for a great look.  See our sexy date night hairstyles that are hair extension friendly. They will give you an instant transformation.  

1. InstaSexy: Sexy loose curls that give you an instant boost without looking like you tried too hard. This look gives you confidence with these sassy sexy curls. It's sexy and gives you the perfect balance of care free and sexy hair. If you have a new date that includes a nice dinner or night out on the town this would be your perfect look. To achieve this look curl your hair in tight curls and spray with a flexible holding spray. Allow the curls to sit tight while you put on your makeup and get dressed. Then right before you are getting ready gently run your fingers to break apart the curls. Finish with finishing spray.


2. InstaBraid: Beautiful large loose braid. Do you want to set apart from the rest of the women that will have their hair down? Looking to show your creative side? The large fishtail braid is the way to go. It shows a different side and is a great chance to show your gorgeous face. To achieve this look create a high ponytail, and if you are wearing tape in hair extensions you are lucky as you are able to wear your hair up without any of the tape showing. Then create a nice fishtail braid and pull loose at the end. If you need help with this hair style simply call your friends or go to a salon to have this chic braid done. 

3. InstaSimple: Girl next door who just wants clean straight hair that wants to look beautiful without looking like she's trying. You can never go wrong with clean long blown out hair. Now that you have your hair extensions you want to show of your long gorgeous hair. Wash your extensions and blow them out the same day for a perfect clean look. If you have your hair extensions in for a few months be sure to use a hair mask to restore your hair extensions. This look is great if you are having a low key night such as a sports event or a relaxing night. 

Have any hairstyles you love with hair extensions? Upload them to Instagram for a chance to win a pair of hair extensions. #GlamSeamlessHair

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