Every Day Volume for Fine Hair

A lot of women have fine hair and wish there was something they can do to have a gorgeous full head of hair. For once they want to have the perfect solution for fine hair. They want to have a full pony tail. They want to be able to wear different hairstyles and they need an answer and the best solution to their fine hair problems. Of course you can always take a longer approach which includes healthy hair treatments, using less chemicals and heat on the hair, and always eating healthy foods for healthy hair. However, this approach will take a long time and may not solve the problem. A woman's genetics determine their hair density. If you aren't born with a thick head of hair, chances are that the biotin supplements and vitamins won't transform your hair overnight. However, you do have a solution: hair extensions. But what kind of hair extensions are best for fine hair women? If you already have fine hair, especially if its damaged, choosing the best hair extension method is important. Certain hair extensions won't work for every one with thin hair. 

Clip in hair extensions are fine for temporary wear but won't give you the every day volume you want. We have found that tape in hair extensions are the best solution for every day volume because they are thin, lightweight, invisible and can be worn up to three months. These extensions are lightweight and non damaging so you won't lose hair. It also allows you have to have a full head of hair for months which is a great solution to every day volume if you have fine hair. What's great is that the tape in method is reusable so you can get a long wear out of these hair extensions. I have always worn hair extensions because it gives me a lot of hair to work with. It also gives me an undeniable confidence. 

Above I am wearing tape in hair extensions and you can see how much I love it. When you have thin hair adding hair extensions will transform your look in an instant.  I was able to curl my hair and have a great full look, something I am not able to do without hair extensions. When I am not wearing hair extensions my hair is pretty boring and I can't wait to get my hair extensions back in. What I also love about these extensions is that I can wear my hair to the gym and workout with hair extensions and have a full pony tail. If you have a full head of hair, this may not be important to you. However, if you have always had thin hair, when you get hair extensions you are in love and can't imagine ever going without them again. 

Now if you have really thin/fine/damaged hair it is important that you choose a hair care routine and hair extension method that is best for women with fine hair. Eating healthy, using treatments, and having the right type of hair extensions are all important.  I do not recommend any other type of hair extension besides tape in hair extensions if you don't want to lose hair. The great thing about Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions is that our tape is a medical grade tape that can be easily removed with our Organic Coconut remover. (But don't worry-its strong enough to hold for 10-12 weeks. Plus these hair extensions never just slip out. They grow out or maybe slip out in the shower after 3 months of wear but thats about it.) Back to the point: our tape is easily removed and causes no damage.  We never use any harsh chemicals and do not recommend doing so. We are all about eco-friendly practices and we never use chemicals to remove tape extensions. Other tape extension brands use a "gel/glue" base that is so strong and sticky that you need chemicals to remove the hair extensions. We have heard horror stories about how women lose a lot of hair from these other hair lines so be careful if you use other brands. Also keep in mind that Clip-In hair extensions can actually leave bald spots if you do not have them applied properly. You have to use a tail comb to create a backed up hair nest. I know it sounds weird but thats the only way to describe it-once you back comb the hair it creates a little hair nest (That can be easily brushes out). But you need to back the hair up to have a space to clip the clips onto your head for a strong hold. Also, remember that fusion and weft hair extensions are way to damaging for us women with fine hair. These type of hair extensions put too much stress on the hair and we can end up losing more hair. Something that you do not want. You actually need a good amount of hair to get hair extensions, so keeping your hair healthy while wearing hair extensions is important. If you are someone who has suffered major damage and have really fine/damaged hair I recommend the single sided tape extension method. This is where you apply one tape weft and a single sided piece of tape. This allows you to have the least amount of stress and strain on your own hair. You can also add in micro strands to fill in the crown of your head or add chemical free color. Remember, the less we process our hair the less damage we will have. 

Final hair tips for every day hair volume:

  • Styling tip: Using a curling wand to create big curls, then at the end run your fingers through finish with spray and this will give you a natural voluminous look.
  • Use a flexible hair spray to style your hair to give you body and volume. 
  • Use a dry shampoo in-between washes as this will take away the dirt and grease which makes hair look dull.
  • Be careful of keratin treatments-they make hair look flat and dull. If you have thin hair, this could be a problem. 
  • Use thickening treatments from time to time. 
  • Consume healthy foods: leafy greens, omega 3s, nuts etc to promote hair growth. 
  • Braid hair at night when sleeping instead of a tight ponytail or a rolled up bun. 
  • Consider chemical free hair color options using 2 tape colors, micro strands, or ombre. For the ombre, choose a light color, and then have them colored at the top. The less we process our hair, the less damaged it will get. 





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