What Are Tape In Extensions

What Are Tape In Extensions

You sure have heard of tape in extensions by now! But do you know what these extensions are actually made of? In this blog we break down every part of the tape extension! If you are going to have something applied to your own head, we are sure you want to know what that is! Good news is that tape extensions are 100% natural and safe to wear. They are made with only 3 things! Keep reading to learn all about tape extensions and what they're made of.

Tape-in extensions are one of the most requested hair extension methods of 2015. This method was introduced in 2010 and now is considered to be the best type of hair extension types on the market. Tape in extensions are thin, lightweight tape wefts that get “sandwiched” together in between your own hair. They require no tools or chemicals to get applied, can last 8-12 weeks, and are reusable up to three applications. Tape in extensions can be worn up or down and you can even swim and workout with these hair extensions. Tape in extensions are perfect for adding length, color effects, and volume in under an hour. They are thin, nearly invisible hair extensions that move with your hair and appear natural. No one will be able to feel the tape in extensions even if they touch your hair! These hair extensions are undetectable, discreet, and water resistant! They are also one of the most cost effective semi permanent hair extension methods on the market. 

Keep reading if you want to know what the tape in extensions are actually made of and how they work…

Please note that this product breakdown of tape in extensions is for Glam Seamless tape in extension products only. We cannot speak on others products. We construct our products to create long lasting hair that blends naturally. We have a unique design that produces high quality products that last. 

Tape in extensions are made of three simple things: 
Polyurethane panels  (clear plastic)
Remy human hair
Medical grade adhesive

Tape In Extensions

Our Tape Weft Construction:

The actual tape wefts start out with thin clear polyurethane panels that get attached with remy human hair and medical grade hair extension tape. It starts with our strong (yet thin and nearly invisible) polyurethane panels that are thermosetting polymers.  That means the panels will not get melted even with high heat use (think blowdrying your tape in extensions). Polyurethane combines the best properties of rubber and plastic, which makes the tape in extensions safe and flexible. This allows the tape extensions to bend and conform to the shape of your head.  We choose the highest quality panels and weight of panels to ensure that our customers can reuse their hair extensions. Also, we make sure that its the perfect amount of weight so it is not too light and not too heavy. If the tape wefts were too light, you would need to buy a ton of hair and have many pieces applied. If the tape wefts were too heavy, they would cause breakage and damage. We choose the perfect weight to promote hair growth and keep our customers own hair healthy and strong. 

Top remy human hair is then sewn onto the panels. This is our unique sew line which prevents the Glam Seamless tape ins from shedding. Most other tape in extensions are made without a sew line, but Glam Seamless uses an anti-shedding technology that sews the remy hair to the panel using a thin discreet sew line to keep the hair from shedding. This technology makes all the difference for tape in extensions! This allows our customers to be able to wear their tape in hair extensions for 3-4 uses!  Then double sided high quality tape in applied to the remy hair. The tape extensions are strong and constructed well to last for 3 months at a time. 

The tape in extensions are applied (no chemicals or tools are needed) and worn for 8-12 weeks. While wearing the tape extensions you can wash, blow dry, and style your hair extensions any way. The strong panels will hold well. Once the tape adhesive starts to loosen (through oils, product buildup, natural wear and tear), you will need to remove the extensions and remove the tape. Using an organic remover, the tape in extensions easily slide out. There is no glue or residue left behind and absolutely no damage. You then clean the panels (tape wefts) and peel off the original double sided tape. You need to clean the panels well to get off all the oil, product, and adhesive so you can have a clean weft for reapplication. In this moment you will see the Poly Panels and the hair intact, sewn to the panel. Once you have clean tape wefts, you apply more double sided tape to the tape weft. Voila, you now have a new set of tape extensions. 

The tape used varies from company to company.  Glam Seamless uses a German tape that is hypoallergenic, a high quality medical grade adhesive that doesn't melt when heated. Every tape in extension companies uses different ingredients and not all of them are the same! We have tested many tape in extensions and have found that poorly constructed tape extensions either slip out or cause major damage. We have designed our tape in extensions to have a strong hold, but without any damage. 




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