Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair: Short to Long Hair Instantly 

When it comes to women with short hair, there are several ways to add in hair extensions for a beautiful transformation.

Since clip extensions are really bulky, they usually don't look that great with women who have shorter hair as it's harder to blend. Tape in hair extensions are a great way to add length or volume to short hair. The tape is invisible, thin, and non-damaging, allowing your own hair to grow out while wearing these extensions!

If you have short hair you can add hair extensions for volume, for a pop of color, or for length.

Hair extensions for short hair: adding volume

hair extensions for short hairHair extensions for short hair: adding length 

Tape Extensions

Have you been searching for hair extensions for short hair? A great way to transform your short hair would be to add in hair extensions and yes, it is possible to wear hair extensions even if you have short hair. If you currently have short hair (especially due to a bad hair cut) you may be searching for hair extensions to change your look and have a long hair again. Tired of not being able to wear pony tails? Miss your long hair? It is possible to have short to long hair in an hour! What seemed so unobtainable, time consuming and unreachable is now right at your very own fingertips. Think big; celebrities have short hair one day and the next day a full beautiful head of long hair. We’ve all seen the amazing styles and locks the very celebrities we love, wear. You can too! We all know that a bad hair cut or the decision to rock short hair can quickly leave you with regrets. Did you cut your hair recently and are waiting for it to grow back? Or just tired of short hair because the hairstyles are limiting?  You can have short to long hair instantly and no one will even know you're wearing extensions. 
Tape in hair extensions are a great solution for women with short hair looking for longer hair. Tape extensions are thin, invisible, lightweight tape wefts that get applied to your own hair (no tools or chemicals needed). This method is the new trend that people with short hair use to achieve beauty, confidence and short to long hair instantly. There's always room for fun when it comes to long hair. Seamless tape in hair extensions will give you the length and the body you need instantly and finally give you that full high pony tail too! With hair extensions you can give yourself a new look. You can wear your hair up, down, in a braid, wavy, curly, straight and more. Hair extensions will help you achieve the confidence you desire.  All you need is 3-4 inches of hair to cover and blend the tape in hair extensions. You will want to mix short and long hair extension lengths for layers to look natural. So consider blending 14 and 18 inch hair. You don't want to have 3 inches of hair and then get 24 inch hair extensions, it won’t look natural and we want your hair to blend! Women who have short hair can wear hair extensions and look good while doing it! You just need to choose the right length and hair extension method for your short hair.
The best hair extension method for short hair: Tape extensions are a great hair extension method for women who have short hair and want Tape in hair extensionslonger hair. This method is non damaging and will allow your hair to grow out with the hair extensions. So if your hair is currently in that awkward “in between” phase, tape extensions are a great way to add length and volume while your hair continues to grow out. Once you have the extensions, you can wear and style your hair any way. This method is semi-permanent and will last for months. With semi-permanent tape in hair extensions for short hair you will have a new and glamorous look and no one will be able to see or feel the extensions. Tape extensions are 1.5 inches wide are 100% undetectable. You will finally be able to wear pony tails and have endless styling options.  Glam Seamless hair is 100% human hair that blends effortlessly with short hair. We work with suppliers all over the world to select top grade, premium and best quality hair for our clients. Our tape is non-damaging, durable, easy to maintain and remove. Best of all, you will not experience any damage with this method. When you go to remove the tape extensions in three months you will find that your own hair has grown! 
How to achieve short to long hair instantly with our hair extensions for short hair: You’ll need a PRO hair stylist to apply your hair. Meaning someone who is certified to put in tape-in hair extensions, specifically. This will ensure that your hair is installed properly and all of the steps are followed correctly so that your extensions won’t slip. A PRO will install hair for short to long hair instantly, and will ensure that your hair stays healthy and increase the span of wear time. You’ll need 1 hour. At least two packs of Glam Seamless tape-in hair extensions and a rat-tail comb. You’ll need at least three to four inches of your own natural hair to cover tape and create the seamless natural look. We think tape in hair extensions are the best hair extensions for short hair because the hair extensions are sandwiched around the hair and in rows underneath the natural hair. This creates the seamless Glam look for short to long hair instantly.
Blending hair extensions for short hair: This is the most important part! You’ll need a PRO to blend your hair extensions for short hair. Note that the shorter your hair is the more difficult it will be to blend the hair, especially when installing hair much longer than your natural hair. This is why you need to mix hair lengths-short AND long hair extensions. After installing hair you will notice where the natural hair and the extensions meet. This will be more noticeable especially if your hair is blunt at the ends. Texturizing or thinning out the top layer of your own hair will help in blending your natural hair with hair extensions for short hair. This will disguise where your natural hair and extension meet. For best results with short to long hair instantly look, have a PRO cut some layers into your extensions and do a FACE FRAME. Note that the more hair extensions you have to work with the better. You will need 150 – 200 grams of hair for layers to look full and natural. Curling and straightening should be done together. By styling your hair and extensions together you will create a natural blend. After thinning natural hair and adding layers to hair extensions for short hair, you are almost ready to rock your short to long hair instantly. 
How to Maintain Your ‘Short to long hair Instantly’ Look: You will need a shine spray, a dry shampoo, extension brush, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and a deep conditioning repair mask. If you like to style your hair often, like we do, the following instructions will be beneficial to you and increase the lifespan of your hair extensions for short hair. 
Hair extensions are not attached to a source of natural oil from the scalp, so to keep your extensions looking as shiny as you do, we recommend using a shine spray especially after styling hair with hot tools. Dry shampoo will help maintain the bonds of the tape dry and oil free. Since our scalps are constantly producing natural oils it can begin to break down the bonds of the tape and eventually cause extensions to slip. This all depends on how oily your scalp is and how often you wash your hair. We recommend using dry shampoo in between hair washes. An extension brush is extension heaven. Unlike normal brushes, extension brushes have loops that untangle the hair without pulling the extensions or hair. No pulling hair out or irritating scalp for you. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner help maintain the quality and shine of the hair extensions because they are chemical free. A deep conditioning mask is recommended if you are a swimmer and style your hair extensions for short hair frequently. Deep conditioning repair masks will strengthen the hair to prevent damage, dryness and breakage. Visit our website for more tips on how to wear and care for our hair. Tape extensions will need re-taped as your hair grows out. 
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