Tape In Hair Extensions Slipping Part Two: Other Reasons Why Your Hair Could Slip

Tape In Hair Extensions Slipping Part Two: Other Reasons Why Your Hair Could Slip

Glam Seamless is the leader in tape in hair extensions, we produce high quality tape that is durable and non-damaging. The most important part about tape extensions is the actual tape and application. Some tape in extension lines use gel based tapes that are extremely hard to remove and tend to damage your hair! Yikes-we don't use that type of tape. We use a medical grade adhesive that's safe, non-damaging, easily removes with our organic remover, and is strong to last 8-10 weeks with proper application. However, not all tape in hair extensions are not created equal-so keep that in mind. Each company will use a different type of tape adhesive or hair quality and tape in hair extensions your experience with tape in hair extensions will vary with each company. In this blog we will speak about why tape in hair extensions can slip, and how you can prevent your tape in extensions from slipping. Tape extensions slipping out are not common, but are 100% repairable in an instant if it happens.  Glam Seamless extensions will not damage your own hair! However, they may slip from time to time without the proper knowledge of how to make them last.  Be sure to read these tips to keep your hair extensions from slipping.

Remember, we are specifically talking about the Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions. We cannot speak on other brands about why their hair slips, each adhesive is different. We are specially assisting those wearing Glam Seamless extensions. Our hair extensions are designed to last 8-12 weeks, and most last 10-11 weeks on average. However, tape in hair extensions will slip if not applied or maintained properly. We wrote a detailed list of why tape in hair extensions slip. We have added other common reasons why tape in extensions slip to add on to the list. Let’s go over the other top reasons why tape extensions would slip. 

1. Same Day Treatments

You had a chemical treatment (color or other) the same day you applied your tape extensions and now they’re slipping? Yep, that sounds about right. Tape in hair extensions should be applied to very clean, squeaky clean hair! That is why we require three clarifying shampoos and no conditioner on the roots prior to application. You you should not color or chemically alter your own hair the day of application and  you cannot color the tape extensions while they are installed ! Some color their own hair only a few hours before and then apply tape extensions. Or even worse, they do a chemical process such as keratin the day of their tape extension application. This will cause the hair extensions to slip out within a week. You should have any chemical processes done a week before application. Having all your hair needs done at once (color/chemical process and tape application) is a sure way to make sure your tape extensions slip. 

2. Product Buildup 

Glam Seamless Tape in hair extensions are made of medical grade adhesive that is safe and non-damaging. It’s a non-toxic tape that holds well in your hair with proper application and maintenance. Tape extensions were created to be a safe and effective semi-permanent hair extension method, that means this method is non-damaging and chemical free!  There are no harsh glues or chemicals that will ruin your hair. So you get the tape extensions installed an you're good to go right? Bigger fuller hair, bring on the styling: hair spray, thermal spray, glitter spray (football season), dry shampoo, maybe even a toner to get the perfect color? When tape extensions get too much product build up the adhesive will break down faster then expected. Your tape extensions may last 6-8 weeks instead of the 10-12. Also, when it comes to products you must stay away from anything that has alcohol, ethanol or oil! Keep those as far away as possible if you want your tape extensions to last! Product buildup is a common reason for tape extensions slipping and even tangling! When it comes to tape extensions be sure to keep product away from the extensions and to follow instructions. 

3. Little Maintenance 

You're busy one day…it’s been 6-8 weeks since you have had your tape extensions. They're so thin and lightweight they feel like and act like your own hair, so you start treating them like your own hair! You get comfortable, “Wow, these extensions really are great, they really do last!” Then one day dry shampoo sprayed on the bonds…Hair mask doused all over…Oops. Repeat a few days later…Oops. Product building and little maintenance will cause them to slip.  Tape in extensions have to be maintained and taken care of to last. Keeping the hair clean, using sulfate free products, and not brushing the hair when wet or in the shower are the most important things to remember. Maintaining tape extensions can be easy, but do require some effort. Do not heat the tape bonds, do not chemically treat them, all of this will make tape extensions slip. Taking time to protect your tape extensions is key to ensuring a long lasting experience! A little maintenance will go a long way and allow another few weeks worth of wear. 

Tape extensions slipping are not fun but are 100% fixable. Its better than tape in hair extension damaging your own hair! With glam seamless extensions that will not happen! Now you know how to prevent tape extensions from slipping! The good news is that tape extensions will rarely fall out in public! They usually fall out in the shower or when styling hair. Simply remove the old tape, clean the weft, add new tape and apply! Voila! You will have new strong hold in no time. 

Do you have any tips for allowing your tape extensions to last? Share them below! 

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