Cheap Hair Extensions Are Expensive

Cheap hair extensions seem like such a great idea; they're cheap and you will eventually have to throw the hair extensions out any way right? You order a pack of cheap extensions and they arrive, soft and perfect (so you think), you really got a deal! Of course we all love a good deal, but when it comes to hair extensions, cheap hair extensions are a deal breaker. The whole point of hair extensions is to have hair that looks and feels just like your own hair, that way the extensions are 100% undetectable! Cheap hair extensions are usually bad hair quality to begin with (that have fallen on the floor) that is then masked in harsh chemicals to give it a fake shine and gloss. After a few days of wearing them or a few washes, the hair starts to mat and tangle. You have to pay to put expensive hair masks on them, conditioning treatments, trying to restore them! But the truth is, that cheap hair extensions cannot be restored. The problem with cheap hair extensions is that they were never remy hair to begin with, the cuticle was never intact. The hair is going in different directions and will mat and tangle constantly. You will spend more money and time trying to repair the cheap extensions. You can do deep conditioning and masks, but the results are not going to magically turn them into beautiful hair extensions. Some cheap hair extensions even have fillers in them of animal or synthetic hair! This type of hair will always get wiry, dry, and 100% unmanageable. Your time and money is wasted and now you are in desperate need to get your long hair back! You can’t walk around with the hair matting and frizzing as everyone will see its hair extensions, so you have to go purchase a higher quality hair and go back to the salon again to have the hair installed! You will waste money and time with cheap hair extensions, its honestly just not worth it. 

Cheap hair extensions may seem like quite the deal, but it will actually cost you more in the long run. Cheaper hair extensions mean that the quality is compromised to sell the extensions at a lower price. There are ways of making even human hair extensions cheaper, such as adding shorter cheaper filler hairs, using single drawn verses double drawn hair (full hair from top to bottom), and using really bad hair (non-remy) and coating it with chemicals that only wash off quickly. Even if you are dealing with 100% remy hair, there are different grades of remy and different manufacturing processes. Some manufacturing processes are quick and cheap, and strip the hair of its cuticles. They then coat the hair in silicone and mask this. You wont know until after a few washes if you have good hair or not! Buyer beware. 

Cheap Hair Extensions Vs High Quality Extensions 

Cheap hair extensions

Good hair extensions are expensive, here’s why:

Good hair extensions means that the hair will look, feel and act like your own! Producing this hair so it lasts costs more and takes longer.  The hair extensions will be soft, manageable, can be washed/curled/blown out, and will last wash after wash up until a year or later. Good hair extensions will be undetectable and will blend with your own hair, no one will know you're wearing them. So what makes hair extensions good?  

Hair Quality: It starts with hair quality. Pure remy and virgin hair is sold at at a premium price because it lasts longer, has less tangling, and blends in well with your own hair.  Remy hair and virgin are best for human hair extensions. Not all hair extensions are manufactured the same, some manufacturing processes are so quick and fast (to sell more hair faster) that they actually strip the hair in the process! So be sure to go with a company that has eco-friendly and gentle processing to ensure high quality hair. 

Volume: There is a big difference between single drawn, natural drawn, and double drawn. Single drawn means there are shorter and longer lengths put into one pack. The short strands are cheaper so they put them in as fillers to meet the weight requirement. Double drawn means that all the hair is all the same length. There are no short hairs, so the hair is thick from top to bottom. This is how hair extensions should be! Thick and voluminous. Do note that some hair extension companies say their hair is double drawn when really it is natural drawn. Natural drawn means that the hair is 75% of the current length, and 25% of shorter hair. Volume counts when it comes to hair extensions. 

Manufacturing: When it comes to hair extensions, manufacturing is key. There are many ways to manufacture hair. One way is the quickest way; they use a harsh hot bleach bath, then they color the hair and coat in chemicals. This process ruins the hair quality and strips the cuticles. They then coat the hair in silicone to make it appear soft, but the remy and virgin hair gets ruined in the process. The other way to manufacturer hair takes longer, it is the proper way of manufacturing hair. The hair gets slowly depigmented over time, not stripping the hair, and keeping the quality and cuticles intact. The hair then goes through a slower coloring process using eco-friendly materials. This slower manufacturing process makes all the difference and will produce high quality long lasting hair as opposed to the faster, more harsh way of producing hair. 

So, when it comes to cheap hair extensions, they really are more expensive. But what can you do if you're just not sure? The best thing to do is get a sample. That is why we offer samples because we want our customers to be able to test the quality to know they getting the best. If you cant get a sample then be sure to read reviews and even consult with your local salon. Professional hair extension companies work with many salons and stylist and they may also be able to give you a good idea if a brand is good. Be advised, some stylist make commission off of selling hair, so if you can get a sample that will be the best. Lesson learned from years of experience. Cheap hair extensions are expensive.

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