Are keratin bond extensions right for you?

Are keratin bond extensions right for you?

It’s a brand-new year, and in 2023 many of us made a promise to ourselves to commit to being, feeling and looking our best. We’ve chosen to no longer place our self-care on the back-burner, and for some, our go-to self-care investment is our hair.

So, let’s talk about keratin fusion. Keratin fusion hair extensions are one of the best ways to level-up your look and achieve ultimate volume, length and color customization. It’s that full head of hair of your dreams, allowing the most freedom of movement and natural feel.

There are a lot of factors to consider before deciding if keratin fusion is the right hair extensions for you. The individual extensions are comfortable, discreet and blend with every hair type making it ideal for everyone. However, keratin fusion hair extensions are a commitment and so they are best matched to the long-term hair extension wearer. With so many brands, types, and methods of hair extensions on the market, it can take forever to do the research and decide. Which is why did it for you, and in the process were inspired to create the Glam Seamless x Priscilla Valles Keratin Bond Extensions collection bringing the highest quality keratin extensions to the market.

Keratin bond extensions and how do they work

If you’re wanting to transform your look while also maximizing your investment and save valuable time, your search will undoubtedly lead you right to keratin bond extensions. These are individual strands of human hair fitted with a simple keratin bond up top. This bond is heated with a special tool and applied to a small section of your natural hair. Once applied, the bond quickly cools and is instantly cured and bonded to your natural hair. These are easily removed with a special solution, and when installed properly are extremely safe with minimal damage to the natural hair. Keratin bonds are the most universal type of extensions because they truly work for any hair type.

Glam Seamless collaborated with celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles to create the absolute best keratin bond hair extensions on the market. This collection is unmatched in quality and versatility. If you’re on the fence about whether keratin bonds are right for you, check out some of the features and benefits of what we call the “Rolls-Royce” of hair extensions.

Glam Seamless x Priscilla Valles Keratin Bond Extensions

  • Long-lasting up to 3 months so you purchase hair less frequently.

  • With new Keratin Bonding Tips hair now lasts up to 12 months.

  • More secure–less slippage or emergency salon visits.

  • Highest quality hair that stands up to styling and heat for longevity, health, and shine.

  • Freedom of movement–mimics the natural hair growth pattern and flexibility for versatility of styling.

  • Less color maintenance–customize with 22 colors to choose from.

  • Customizable bond sizing that is most discrete and comfortable.

  • Accessible luxury–starting at $119 per pack with payment options available to fit anyone’s budget.

Once you enter the world of keratin bond hair extensions you’ll wonder how you ever did without them! They really are the extension lover's ride or die. Check out our Glam Seamless x Priscilla Valles collection to learn more.
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