Embracing My Soft Girl Era

Glam Seamless Soft Girl Era Tape-ins Hair Extensions

When we think of February, traditionally we've thought of love, candy, flowers, and date night– but one thing we learned these past few years is prioritizing our self-love and self-care. I don't know about you, but I thrived in sweats for longer than I'd like to admit. Now that life has opened back up, I thought it was time to get in touch with my feminine side again. This led me to embrace my "Soft Girl Era".

What exactly is the Soft Girl Era? It’s about being overly feminine, think pinks, purples, pastels, glitter, 90’s beauty trends, and girly-girl attitude. Ariana Grande is the perfect Soft Girl. She’s iconic, a business woman, an artist and she embraces her feminine side on her terms. Being a Soft Girl is an aesthetic, but it’s also about living your life with a peaceful mindset and enjoying the simple things. Think, activities such as: a long walk on the beach, taking care of your mental health, journaling, eating whole foods, reading a good book, or practicing some yoga.


Think you’d like to try the Soft Girl look? There are many ways to express Soft Girl, including mixing up your wardrobe with pastels such as pink and lavender. Too much color? Nudes work too! As the weather warms up try a sundress like (@kid_steph) I LIVE for these in the summer and spring! Simple jewelry– think diamond studs or small hoops. Soft Girl opts for the “no-makeup makeup look” adding just the essentials such as light blush, lip gloss and mascara. Hair is in its “natural state”, or, our favorite trend this year, the Butterfly cut, works perfectly. 



Want to try the Butterfly cut but currently have a shorter length? Try our tape-ins . Tape-ins are our best-selling hair extensions and add instant length and volume. Last, to complete the look add cute accessories like a ribbon in your hair, chunky headband, or pastel butterfly clips which are huge this summer!


Will you try the Soft Girl look in 2023 with me?  Make sure to tag us in your photos on Insta @glamseamless. I can’t wait to see all your looks! You can catch me wearing soft pink hues for the remainder of this year! ;)
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