Ariana Grande Ponytail - Get the look!

Ariana Grande Ponytail - Get the look!

Get the "Ariana" ponytail look using Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts. Celebrities always use hair extensions to achieve their great look. Now you can too! Get the new fall 2018 hair look.

Ariana Grande Ponytail Holder

So, you’ve decided you want to take your look up a notch. Or you have a girls night out, a romantic date at a chic restaurant, or you have an important business meeting and you want a powerful hairstyle to show who’s boss. A ponytail can revolutionize your look and give you that confidence you need to take on whatever task is at hand. Using the Glam Seamless hair wefts you can transform your look. Our hair wefts can be sewn in, used as a ponytail, or create your own custom clips!

There are so many different styles of ponytails one could wear, but the most iconic one in today’s culture is the “Ariana” ponytail – and we know you know what ponytail we’re talking about. Ariana’s long high pony is iconic and you can get the same look using Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts. Here’s how to get the look:

1. Purchase Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts

The 32 inch extensions are the ones that will give you the luxurious, long, flowy ponytail that Ariana (and you) wears so well. This length will ensure your pony can sit high on your scalp and effortlessly flow down your back. This length will also allow you to get that perfect “hair flip” photo for Instagram. 

2. Prepare your hair and the hair extensions

Glam Seamless weft extensions are incredibly easy to apply and are multi functional. There is no need for tools, chemical, or special techniques. You’ve got a whole new vibe to your look. Unravel the weft hair extensions and lay them out the long way. You will need to put your own hair in a high tight ponytail first. 

3. Wrap the weft around, starting with one end So now your extensions are laid out and you’re ready for your Ari pony. You will wrap and bobby pin the ponytail in. Take the end of a weft, and pin the end in to your own ponytail with a bobby pin. As you wrap the weft around, every 2-3 inches as a bobby pin to secure the weft around your own ponytail. Keep wrapping and pinning until the hair the entire weft is wrapped around. Secure the end of the weft to your own ponytail. Then wrap a piece of the extension around the top of the pony to hide the weft! 

4. Grab a comb Ariana’s Grandy pony is always sleek and slick. The combination of tightly pulled back hair along the scalp and then a free-flowing, relaxed pony is what is so iconic about this hairstyle. Grab a comb and the Glam Gold Style Brush and make sure all the hair along your scalp is going in the same direction, has no fly-aways, and has no bumps. Add some hairspray before you comb if needed, and definitely add some hairspray after, too. 

Also, make sure the hair along the back of your scalp and neck is all pulled up into the pony too. All your hair should look and feel like it is tightly up against your scalp. Use bobby pins if needed! 

5. Drop the comb, grab a hair tie! First, make sure you grab a hair tie that is the same color as your hair. Or use one of our invisi-pony rings.  Along with the Glam Seamless hair extensions that will give you seamless longer hair, you want the entire look to be seamless. A hair tie that is a different color than your own hair will look abrupt and might ruin the seamless Ariana Ponytail look you are trying to achieve. 

Wrap the hair tie around your pulled back hair. Making sure you do not adjust the positioning, keep the ponytail position high on your head! 

Wrap the hair tie 2-3 times depending on your hair thickness. 

Allow the rest of your hair to fall effortlessly.

6. Finishing touches! Grab the comb and the hairspray one more time and fix any hair pieces that are uneven, popping out, or need adjusting. At this point you should have hair that is high up, tight and sleek against your scalp with a pony tail that is able to fall effortlessly in the direction that gravity pulls it. 

Give your head a nice shake and allow that hair to FLOW!

And there you have it! You have achieved the Ariana Ponytail. You look so good! And it was all achieved with the Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts.

But maybe we want to take your pony up one more notch? Here’s a bonus tip: 

7. Bonus tip. Get an even sleeker look!

Take a half inch of hair from your pulled-up pony and wrap it around the hair tie using our Style Brush and Hairspray. With the 32 inch wefts, you should be able to wrap the half inched diameter piece of hair around your ponytail 5-6 times. Secure the end of the hair with a bobby pin and hairspray into place. This technique will give you ponytail another addition of seamlessness. Picture it: hair tightly pulled back into a long flowing ponytail with an intriguing and next-level wrap around addition. 

And that's it! You achieved the Ariana Ponytail using Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts. It looks SO good on you!  We have this available in color 1b and color 613 should you need a to color the hair. 

With these extensions, all your worries about the length, quality, thickness, or texture of your hair can are put to rest. 

Glam Seamless 32 inch wefts are suggested because the length is guaranteed to make you achieve a pony tail that sits high on your head which then will effortlessly flow down your back with perfect texture and thickness. 

Glam Seamless Extensions are made with 100% human hair, are fully double drawn (to give you a full look from root to tip), and our color range is unbeatable.

Also, you won’t have to worry about your extensions leaving sticky residues in your hair and you won’t have to worry about others noticing you have extensions in your hair because, well, these extensions are Seamless. 

Have more questions about Glam Seamless Hair Extensions? Our Support Team consists of experts who would love to chat with you! (No, really. They’re hairstylists. They actually love to chat!) 

You can reach Support at (888) 401-6161 or

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