Chemical Free Color Options Using Hair Extensions

Chemical Free Color Options Using Hair Extensions

Chemical Free Color Transformation Using GLAM SEAMLESS Hair Extensions = #HairGoals #ChemicalFreeColor

Check out our recent chemical free color transformations on our recent Glam Photo Shoot. 

pastel ombre extensions We added 1b/blue ombre hair extensions to this model hair to give her the mermaid look she wanted. This allowed her to get ombre pastel hair without coloring her own ends. #MermaidHair

ombre balayage hair extensions We added a 2/6 ombre  to this light brown haired model. The hairstylist actually thought it wouldn't blend when we arrived to set, because her hair was a reddish brown. But the 2/6 ombre extensions blended perfectly because her own hair covered the parts that didn't match.  #chemicalfreeombre


We added pops of pink extensions to this blonde to give her pastel pink hair because she wanted to add pink color with needing to color her own hair. #pinkhairdontcare






Did you know you can completely get a color makeover using only hair extensions-no hair color required! Looking to go blonder or get new mermaid pastel hair this summer? #Hairgoals are all the rage this summer and new colors are on the rise, leaving us all wanting to have that #MermaidHair . If you want the hottest color trends, it will most likely require bleach, which can ultimately cost money and possibly damage your hair. But you can get gorgeous chemical free color with the use of hair extensions. Although you can spend the time and money bleaching and coloring your hair at the salon, you can also add pastel colors or a chemical free ombre look within 30 minutes with the help of hair extensions. 

Hair extensions are used for more than achieving length and volume, you can easily add in hair extensions for chemical free color effects. You can add highlight, ombre or get the new pastel mermaid hair all with the use of hair extensions. Let’s be honest, most of us like to switch up our hair color, particularly with new seasons. Committing to bleach sessions and hours in the salon can now be cut in half for both time and money by adding in hair extensions to get the new hair color you desire this season. 

How can you change your hair color with hair extensions? How will it all blend? With the right color combinations of extensions and the help of a hairstylist you can achieve the magic of chemical free color. Taking a break from lightening your hair will make your hair healthier and you will now be able to access so many color combinations with hair extensions. Simply choose the look your going for and plan accordingly. Ombre, highlights and pastel colors can all be done with the use of hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions are the best for adding in chemical free color because each weft is 1.5 inches wide, giving you just enough hair to make a dramatic color change, without looking bad or obvious that you are using extensions. Micro/fusion extensions can be used for highlights but the look they give are a little more obvious as they are have a “Stringy” look. Clip ins are pretty hard to achieve chemical free color as the wefts have so much hair on them and they are very easily detectable. The tape in extensions are the best choice for adding in chemical free color because the wefts are a perfect size that allows you to customize your color choice and you can bond two different colors together by using two colors to create one color melt color bond.

How to get highlights using hair extensions?

Combine two colors and bond or “sandwich" the two colors together to form one single bond. Doing this all over your own hair will create a color melt highlight look.  Keep in mind you should choose one of the two highlight colors to match very closely to the base of your color. If you have brown hair and you choose two blonde colors to work with this will not look good. Choose one color as your base that matches your own hair, and then a second color you would like to have as your highlight. This will allow you to have a highlighted look without needing to color your own hair. Tape extensions work best for creating chemical free highlights as you an bond together different colors to get a multi-tonal highlight effect. 

How to get an ombre color using hair extensions? 

If you have short to medium hair achieving an ombre look is super easier, in fact, many choose to use extensions instead of damaging their own hair. Simply choose any ombre hair extension color that you like and add it evenly to your own hair. Keep in mind, you will want to have enough hair when trying to achieve and ombre look with extensions. If you do not use enough of the ombre extensions it will not look blended. You need more hair extensions when going for chemical free ombre look as you need to cover each layer of your own hair to make your own hair blend and look like a true ombre color. Keep in mind if you have long hair, it will be difficult to achieve an ombre look with extensions as the extensions and your own hair will be two different colors as the ends. Also, you can easily use clip in ombre extensions to get a chemical free ombre color if you have short or shoulder length hair. We usually feel tape extensions are best for chemical free color, but for an ombre look, you can use either ombre clips or ombre tape ins to achieve the look. 

You can achieve almost any color combination with the use of tape in extensions. The best way to achieve a chemical free color makeover is when you have shorter hair. Looking to start over and get rid of the damage? Feel free to cut if off and get extensions. Women have used hair extensions for chemical free color options and its one of the best kept secrets. You may be surprised how different hair extensions shades can be combined to create beautiful color melts that blend beautifully and naturally with your own hair. Even if you think something may not blend, they usually do with hair extensions as long as you have enough hair installed. Choose 2-3 colors and work with a trusted hair professional to get the color choice you desire using extensions. Even if it seems impossible, it usually can be achieved with hair extensions. 


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