Chemical Free Hair Color with Glam Seamless Extensions

Chemical Free Hair Color
2017’s anthem has been all about showing yourself you love yourself by encouraging healthy lifestyles. We juice daily, work out regularly, and lately have even been choosing bottled water over bottled wine. (sigh). So, how do we incorporate our healthy lifestyle into our haircare routine? The answer:  chemical free hair color options for happier, healthier hair. How many of us actually know what chemicals are found in most hair dyes? We don’t want to bore you with the details, but let’s just say dying your hair is not on the top 10 list of “healthiest” thing you can do for your body. From chemicals like Ammonia and Bleach, coloring your hair can cause some serious dryness, and not to mention damage.  That’s why we are super excited about our chemical free hair color options. It’s time to take a break from those harsh chemicals and give your hair back some of the TLC it deserves. 


Spring, our friendly reminder of how beautiful change can be. Get inspired and spice up your life with these chemical free hair color transformations brought to you by yours truly: 

Unicorn Hair

Chemical Free Hair Color

 While everyone knows unicorns are not real, hairstylist, Brianna McDonald from San Diego, CA has officially proven otherwise. This rare and jaw-dropping hair trend is the “new-new” Spring 2017.  Achieve this dreamy chemical free hair color enhancement by using our remy tape in extensions. We recommend using 2-3 packs of our pre-colored pastels and applying them throughout the interior section of your hair. This will create the dimension and depth that will turn heads and make quite the impression this Spring.

Ocean Child

Chemical Free Hair Color

 The ocean is everything we want to be: beautiful, mysterious, wild & free. I bet most of you brunette babes out there have seen photos of colorful styles like this and thought, “I love this, but don't want to ruin my hair.” We’re here to tell you, you can achieve this look, and you will not destroy your hair. Simply have your stylist customize our extensions with those deep blue hues of the ocean, and before you know it you’ll be transformed into the Ocean Child you’ve always dreamed of. Life is a beach: enjoy the wave, and enjoy non-damaging chemical free hair color. 

Sorbet Hair 

Chemical Free Hair Color 

 In case you missed it this past winter, Kanye flaunted his sorbet hair, setting the trend for Spring ’17 (that is so Kanye). Now, let us just clarify, an identity crisis is not required to flaunt this look. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for …. Sorbet.” Who doesn’t like sorbet?! Due to the subtle pastel hues this chemical free hair color is a great way to introduce a pop into your Spring look. Besides, life is meant to be enjoyed, and every once in a while a girl has to indulge her sweet tooth. 


 People are going to stare anyway, Glam Gal’s, you might as well make it worth their while. Today, we encourage you to continue on your healthy lifestyle journey, and we want to remind you that with Glam Seamless, the sky is the limit. Take a walk on the wild side this Spring with our chemical free hair color options, while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

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