Glam Seamless - The Best Hair Extensions, Period.

Some say “Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people” Here at Glam we say, “happiness can be found when you’ve found the best hair extensions in the industry.” The search is now OVER! Yep, you can finally rest those thumbs baby, and end your endeavor to find the best hair extensions. Beauty does not define us as women. We are not defined by how we look, nor would we ever encourage such a mindset. We encourage confidence and as the saying goes with great hair, comes great confidence. Here at Glam Seamless, our favorite part about our hair extensions is that we help women feel confident, by enhancing their natural beauty, one pack of extensions at a time.

So, why are we telling you we have the best hair extensions in the industry? Maybe we’re biased (maybe) or maybe it’s because of these 5 reasons we believe we have the best hair extensions: 

1. We Take No Short Cuts 

It is quality over everything here at Glam Seamless. We are dedicated to providing professional salon quality hair extensions to each and every one of our Glam gals. “Cool, so what does that mean?” you ask. Basically, it comes down to this, our extensions are 100% genuine Remy human hair, with the cuticles intact. Meaning, that the hair has all cuticles healthy and flowing in the same direction from root to the tip. Super silky and smooth. We don’t make our hair with any animal, synthetic blended fibers, and we for sure don’t coat our hair with silicone to try and pull a fast one on you. We keep it simple and honest, and we don’t cut corners. 100% human hair ethically sourced, guaranteeing you receive the best hair extensions in the game with Glam. 





2. No Wispies Here                                                                                





Nothing is worse than that one annoying fly-away tickling your nose all day, and you can’t even figure out where it’s coming from. How about the time you saw yourself in Jen’s Instagram photo and your hair looked like a halo of little frizzies sticking up? It looked like you just got electrified... (sigh, we’ve all been in that photo haven’t we?) Well, guess what? Only glamorous photos of you from here on out. Our Glam Seamless extensions are double drawn with thick hair from top to bottom. That means with our anti-shed technology you will have no stragglies, no itchy nose, and more importantly full beautiful hair. 

3. 99 Problems, but Your Hair Ain’t One 

Since the quality of our hair is 5-7 star grade, you can keep calm and save your money. Here’s why - you can reuse the extensions for up to 3 applications. WHAT IN THE HECK DID SHE JUST SAY? Yep, I said it. Our hair extensions last generally 8-12 weeks per application. Once it’s time to take them out doesn’t mean you must toss those luscious locks. That’s your hair, girl!! You simply reapply the tape and reinstall. We are trying to help make your life super easy, and stress free. Not to mention we’re saving you from having to convince your partner that buying hair every 8 weeks is a total necessity, not just a want. (they’ll never understand, will they?) 

   4. No one puts Baby in a Corner 


Ok so, when it becomes time to purchase extensions one of the biggest feared questions out there is “will they blend with my natural color?” With Glam there are over 58 shades of extensions. We’ve have the best hair extensions because we have a color that suits everyone. However, we are absolutely not putting you into our Glam corner. Everyone is unique, and you can still choose to customize your look by depositing demi or permanent color without compromising the integrity of the hair. That’s not even the coolest part, submit a photo of your hair in natural light and one of our Stylist Representative’s will help guide you in the color matching process. Sweet deal. 

5. Did someone say Mermaid?


Our adhesive creates long lasting bonds, and when applied properly they last 8-12 weeks. Talk about some seriously strong tape! We don’t use a gel; so, the best part is, the tape will not even cause a little bit of damage to your hair! Depending on how crafty your feeling you can cut the roll yourself or choose to purchase the tape precut. Did I mention our tape is waterproof, even sweatproof?! Our medical grade, latex free, and hypoallergenic tape adhesive is another reason why we believe we have the best tape in extensions. Swim your mermaid heart out at the beach without the fear or embarrassment of some little kids playing hot potato with your lonely floating extension. We love mermaids. We don’t love hot potato “catch the extensions” at the beach. 

Glam Seamless Extensions are the best hair extensions in the industry. We’re not biased, were honest. Try them and you will not be disappointed.

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