Green Your Glam

Green Your Glam

Earth Day is coming up and it’s time to do our part and be more eco-friendly in our day-to-day lives with the resources and tools we use on our hair! Ditch the flat iron and heat and try and be a bit more bold with your natural look! Lay off that flat iron for a day, your waves will thank you. 

Let this article be some inspiration for where you can get a bit more green in your daily life! If you need any additional tips I’ve always got you covered!

April is a month to appreciate the beautiful Earth we live on and try to be a bit more eco-friendly. This planet should be preserved to the best of our abilities for all living entities to enjoy. What happens when we are total prima-donnas when it comes to our hair? I bet we don’t even realize some of the habits we are so accustomed to doing or using can be harmful to our Mother Earth! I’ve taken some of the guessing work out of it for you and came up with some ways to preserve the planet and still look absolutely dazzling while using less!

1. Use Less Water
What’s better than a nice long shower? Almost nothing, right!? Unfortunately those long showers which we tend to indulge in do more damage to the earth than good. Preserve the water by taking a shorter shower! To all my Glam Babe extension wearers, you totally should not be washing your extensions everyday anyway.  It’s a total win with a shorter shower! Be sure to use a Dry Shampoo on your skip days to have the most luscious locks on the block.
2. Go All Natural 
Girl, give your tresses a break and go au naturel! While it may not seem like it at the time, even as little as 5 minutes spent daily on heat can add up! While we love a straight sleek look as much as the next diva, all that heat is not beneficial for our hair. Try letting your hair air dry and embrace the natural goddess you are. Better yet, why not check out our Beach Wave Clip-Ins which can add to the texture of your natural hair with no heat required. Trust us, your hair and the planet will thank you later! 
3. Recycle Those Empties
Many of us are great with recycling when it comes to our food items, but what happens when it comes to hair products & tools? Many hair products come in packaging which is damaging to the environment that we’d never even think of! We might just toss the packaging out without a thought on if it’s recyclable or not. Is it plastic? Most likely. Rinse & recycle it, love! 
4. Be A Minimalist
Minimize product usage by using an all-in-one product or 2-in-1 tools that have ingredients to aid in a multitude of ways. Plus, save money on your water bill and limit any excessive water usage by incorporating dry shampoo into your hair care routine to help cut back wash days. TBH, if you’re not using dry shampoo how are you even functioning? You can even get a deeper clean to maximize your oil absorption with clarifying shampoo that will leave your hair looking and feeling cleaner for longer. These product lines pack a punch, they offer multiple solutions in one use so you know you’re saving the planet while supporting it. You go superwoman!
5. Up-Cycle
What an interesting idea that we totally love by the way! Do you have items that need to be recycled? Take a second look and dig into your creative side. Is this something you can make use out of in another way or re-invent?  Can you design it into something totally stellar? You’re totally Picasso girl, you’ve got this! You can also re-sell items you’ve got lying around the house or donate! Go make some cash to put some money in your pocket to purchase that Priscilla Valles collection I know y’all have been eyeing! 
6. Re-Use
Plenty of us use items that end up being tossed in the bin after the first use such as utensils. Try using those items that can be reused. This goes hand in hand with using items with sustainable packaging, like to-go containers. Try using refillable items for your shampoo and conditioners! This will help preserve the environment and it’s less of a mess for you to clean up! 
There you have it Glam Babes! What’s one thing you can do daily to help preserve the planet? Feel free to send us an e-mail or slide through our DMs, we’d love to hear! Cheers to always striving to keep her healthy and sustainable for many generations to come.
Your Glam Babe,
Taylor Haines

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